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This is what happens when you don't cook my food right. Answered

Well the slow lady at my local KFC took half an hour to cook two big crunch sandwiches (spicy mayo of course), and two small popcorn chickens. This was not even combos with fries and drinks, just sandwiches and popcorn chicken.

To spite the dumb b*tch (I mean really she took WAY longer than she needed to, and the only cook in the back left in the middle of cooking something to go have a smoke out back). I ended up stuffing my pocket full of salt (apparently they keep inventory of their salt packets, I know this because my sister used to work at a kfc). I took roughly 350 packets of salt, enough to take a big dent out of their supply.

Needless to say, my mom was even pissed, her popcorn chicken was soggy when she got it, yet my gf's was made fresh and was still hot, what's going on there???

Regardless, if anyone lives in Ontario, I reccomend you steer your business away from the Port Elgin KFC, it's private ran (they bought the franchise and it's not ENTIRELY ran by kfc), and thusly, it's ran by some rather piss poor cooks and the cooking quality is not consistent nor is it up to standard. I hope someone thanks me for this.


I live a long way from Ontario, but I'm pretty much out on KFC. They always screw up my order, they always give me mashed tatos and cole slaw (I HATE cole slaw). Several months ago I went and got a bucket-meal thing and an order of wings. Well, they forgot my wings, which I let slide at first, until I bit into a piece of chicken and crunched down on a rusty STAPLE. It was in my chicken, like inside it... wtf. and then upon inspecting the rest of the piece looking for anything else that would cause me to get a tetanus shot, I saw that it wasn't cooked all the way through. So needless to say, If I want fried chicken, I go elsewhere or do it myself.

A staple?! That's worse than when some kids found a bandaid on the bottom of their cake from Baskin Robbins, but that was about 8 years ago.

That really scares me. Maybe no more KFC.

Actually, almost any fast food place can suffer from such maladies, since they employ underpaid youths to do even the managing many times.

I don't visit the local fast food anything very often (mostly because of weight and heart conditions) because the ones that DO have great service, have had that food sitting under an IR lamp for at least half an hour. I'd rather pay a buck or two more and get a "real meal" if I have the time.

Or, as you wrote,  make it myself. 

I steer clear of KFC in general.  Whenever I drive past, or when I am within 200 feet of the "restaurant", I get ill.  The smell of KFC chicken just does not bode well with my stomach.  It is overly fatty, greasy, and all too commonly undercooked.

I once got food poisoning from KFC (my stepdad brought it home, so I had to eat it, otherwise, I would rather eat McDonalds, Burger King, or any other disgusting fast food joint that doesn't resemble a chicken killing factory).  I hates it.

Oh so killing cows is better then killing chickens?

You should have taken the moist towelettes instead!  Oh how I love the moist towelettes.

Need I remind you that is probably the same amount of salt found in a two-piece leg/thigh combo. I do not think you made a big dent in their salt inventory as they use as much salt in their chicken as the province of Ontario uses to clear the ice off the roads. Oh, and the customer after you probably took all the pepper packs because their chicken was not salty enough.

what you do, (and this is totally gross and immature) is get like 8 of your friends and go into the bathroom one after another and use the toilet without flushing, the large amount of feces in the toilet will make it impossible to flush and some poor worker will have to clean it up.

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P-o-r-t E-l-g-i-n K-F-C - right noted that as one to avoid. Could you not have been a bit more mean/clever than nicking salt? Maybe punched-in some invisible sales on the machine? I note that you mention KFC include salt in stock-checks, but do these dudes?



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Thank you.