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This is what happens when you're too lazy to buy a real webcam: Answered

Not practical at all and in theory this was more expensive than buying a real webcam but it does work:


What's with this "too lazy"? I'm too broke buy a webcam.

I don't feel like going down to the store, picking out a webcam, and going back home.

I actually think that the video quality was quite good. I've never been terribly impressed by the quality of webcam video. It always seem very pixilated.

Since you're just using the video outputs to a capture device, the tape part is irrelevant. For making videos inside your home where the subject is more or less stationary, it works fine.

Yes that does seem to be the one advantage of my setup here. When this was new the quality was some of the best a consumer-grade camcorder could offer. The tape part is to give the viewers an idea of how old the camera is, that's all.