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This is what sexy looks like! Answered

in case your wondering... Ladies he IS single. I had to take an official photo for work today cause I am that dang important. Its a picture of a picture cause I dont have a scanner. I highlighted the stuff thats important.


Do you think you'd look sexier if you'd joined the Navy? L

naw, I dont want to hang out on a boat with a bunch of "seamen" all day.

Har har har. *nervously looks around*

So what are the ribbons actually for?

I'll never tell, at least not while the sun is shining. (if you can guess what movie reference it is ill tell you what 3 of them are)

Whoa! Burning questions is now recognized by the army. Woot!

Jeese and there I was reckoning your avatar was you in airsoftin' outfit xD Military meat inspector aye? How'd you land that?

Forgot to answer your question, the only requirements is GT score of 110, able to lift heavy stuff, you have to be able to chew seafood and/or pork. You dont enlist for this job, you get tricked into it. The Army is the only branch that has Food Inspection and Animal care

Am I correct in understanding your comment, that you are required to chew pork & seafood in order to establish that you are able to eat military rations?
(various historical commentaries on armies failing because of bad teeth in my mind)


You would have to probably put your stomach and life on the line if you were the President's taste tester. If you keep to Kosher rules, I don't think you can eat seafood or pork, and also Muslim halal rules go against pork. In order to inspect everything, it would probably be a requirement to know when something tastes bad as your first clue to spoiled food.

I was only referring to chewing. I am aware of Kosher & Halal, but since most US Presidents tend to be of the Christian faith they can ignore the OT directives on food.


*certain seafood which are shellfish, bottom feeders, or unidentifiable when prepared as to not having scales, etc.

Don't get on the wrong side of the fence with a man with a beret, you might have Rambone passing through your little town.

Im a military food inspector, not a "meat inspector" A "meat inspector" is someone who watches you urinate during a drug test to make sure your not using an external device to dispense urine.

Every time I see that, I think, "This has to be a parody of the original."

Looks like your marksmanship score meets the standard my old ITAAS (6th Army) instructor used to write on the chalkboard -- Strive for the minimum.

What's the regimental crest? That looks a bit like a caduceus on the right.

How long have you been a PFC? Have you gotten scheduled for basic NCO academy yet, or are you going to go the specialist route?

its hard to tell but i shot sharpshooter, came in as a PFC i might get promoted in june but the latest is this July. Yes thats a caduceus on the right, The regimental crest is AMEDD. WLC? There is no slots now for a PFC, because too many SGTs and SPC waited until the last minute to attend. They got priority. But I would like to attend so i could learn how to lead PT, type up fancy classes and all that other neat stuff they do. Plus its a month out of work. I would like to get a patch on the right side but i have to wait until a slot opens up to go down range. Im getting my paper work ready but everyone wants to go to combat these days. Its good for promotion

Have you got your ZPS? Or your MDNO? I bet you can't wait till you get your DKS! All the USFs preventing that must get annoying though. Quite the WIEY, if ya know what I mean.

Why are you using so many acronyms? I dont understand a word your saying.

You'd better watch it, young lady, or you're going to have the VFW, DAR, and DoC all coming down on you!

Ummm...that would be the US Army, along with USAR, USAF, USN, USMC, USCG, and any other happy acronyms I can recruit ;->

Aw, see what you did, you broke the chain of intentional irony and hilarity...

FIXED, I thought I smelt something punny. Mended with TLC and a multivitamin containing minerals Fe to Zn.

still it is better then being DOA, which all those armies could produce PDQ. ;-)

Hang on...

"...he IS single..."

Why are you writing about yourself in the third person?

Regular poster boy, what?

Sorry sailor, it's just not working for me ;-)

come on now your supposed to be attracted to a man in uniform. .. ...dang lying recruiters...