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This or That 2 Answered

Lets add some more fun to the instructabes Forums...
Okay this is a simple but fun game!

A This or That
And then the next person writes his/her favorite, and pitches a new theme!
this is an Example:

You write:

Dog or Cat

Next person writes:

Dog (<---That is their answer)

Safari or Fire Fox (<----They pitch their own this or that)

Next person who writes:


Old or New...

you get the point now lets start!



Apple or Microsoft?

Microsoft Laptop or Desktop?

Desktop Coke or Pepsi?

Root Beer. A&W Root Beer.

PC or console gaming (if you have the money for PC gaming, that is)?

Console Gaming Import or Domestic (cars)

that wasn't the question, it was heavyh metal or death metal, Patrick Gothic or Emo?

cooked.... unless its sushi or veggies/fruit molly hatchet or lynyrd skynyrd????

lynyrd skynyrd. Here's a dark one: Drowning or Burning?

You are supposed to continue the chain, so here: Internet Rice or Beans?

sdhdspa(what ever that is) peperonie or extra cheese(pizza)

facebook(myspace is over raited!) dsman1 or dsman1

I guess miley cryus(I hate them both!) pen or pencle

rock. unless its beasty boys. then beasty boys. but it all depends on what rock band.... pantera or metallica???

metallica youlding or a rubix cube(most anoying)

Army, Randy Rhodes or Zakk Wylde or Jake E lee (all are Ozzy)

Public Enemy Laura Croft or Elisabeth Swan?

umm laura croft because i dont know who elisabeth swan is... cheerwine or strawberry fanta?(sodas...)

Strawberry Fanta, we don't have cheerwine here. Elizabeth Swan is from Pirates of the Carribbean. Trash or Treasure?

trash. b/c its as good as treasure death by being over-fed or death by starvation?