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Those verizon ads are getting on my mind... Answered

The new verizon ads are good for the site! But now there getting on my nerves. My regular routine is to click on the forums button. But now it's higher up, so now I'm hitting the verizon ad and going onto their site. Maybe if they were on the side it would be better. Is this getting on anybody else's nerves?


What do you mean it's both firefox? You can clearly tell in the first picture that it's Safari. and In the second picture you can't tell at all.

Sarry, I was looking at the wrong screenshots... :)


10 years ago

What ads?

>I promise: I will click on 10 ads to generate some money. =)


Yeah, in one he shows you his entire window, so you can clearly tell he's using Safari (Yuck!). But in the second shot, he doesn't show him that he is using FireFox with ABP.

No, it's both Firefox. ;-) with ABP enabled&disabled.; -I used Safari for 5 minutes ages ago, I hated it.

Thats called fraud, and its defiantly illegal for them to ask you to do it. If you do it with the intent of giving them money, that's on the boundary of legality. It could end up costing them money if you do it enough. ABP is also boundary illegality, the jury's not out (not litterally), but they'res debate.

How much will it cost to go through the legal procedure, and how much money would've been "lost" through ad-clicking? and do you really think I was asked to click on them!? I have a higher opinion of Instructables, and even if I was, I wouldn't spit it out on the forums. :P

Even if they don't ask you, but you click enough, when Google (or whoever) goes to pay them, they'll see someone clicked 5 times on an ad within 5 minutes--verwy suspicious. And this could mean that they don't pay them at all, or banish them from AdSense, in extreme cases.

But do they really have a bunch of Mexicans in a room reading all of them, from every site, looking for improbabilities? With the many millions of websites using AdSense, I doubt they are going to target Instructables particularly.

This data is quantitative enough that computers can do it ;P

Oh, I didn't think about that. The Mexican computers just slipped my mind... =)

On sites like Care2, when you "click to donate", they have it set up so that, from your signon, no matter which computer you are on, you can only do so once a day.

You're using AdBlockerPlus plugin for firefox. No ads =)

True, I find it a lot more enjoyable browsing. (-;

Yeah, pages load faster and you don't have to look at ads like "meet local singles in Butler, PA"

Official statement:
Only click on the ads that you find interesting.
End Official statement

what? the song they use on the tv phone ads was made by putting a mic up someones anus

Argh! A new thing - this big orange sunrise thing appeared just as I clicked on a forum link - suddenly I find myself having to put up with a verizon advert over the top of the screen. Even though I hit "close" as soon as I found it, there was still an annoying lump of time I just had to stare at an advert for a product i don't want, thank you very much.

Yeah, and even the the verizon ad is not on the right side of the screen, it still covers part of the drop down menu ... *Sigh*

Somewhere, I saw that Eric had taken notice of the problem. I suppose they are still working on it. The one thing I had a bit of trouble with when I was learning HTML/DHTML years ago was all that parent/child stuff. I remember creating a few weird anomalies myself back then LOL

Although it doesn't ALWAYS do it. *shrug*

Yeah, some of them are even under the forum text now and I am all ways accidently clicking on them as I scroll up or the page refreshes.

Me, i dont like the update, I can seem to find my homepage for one reason or another

Oh nevermind i found it in the ORANGEBOARD. funny its not on You:Home i like seeing all the things on one page.

It's because of the contrast.

I agree, but its mainly a *changeup* issue. I bet you'll get a lot of hits by accident :P
Although, its color is kinda bad too -- can you find a whiter one? I wouldn't mind as much.

I don't mind the ads, for one thing, I used to haunt Care2 a lot and they had ads and popups out the Kazoo.

Nope, I have come from the land of NETZERO in the days when ads were more plentiful then content LOL, this is heaven here LOL

you too? i had net zero at one point in time... glad thats over with. especially when they decided to connect me to california, and with me living in north carolina... there was a bit of a long distance bill to pay.

I hated having to dial up 3 to 5 time everytime I wanted on....sigh By the end of the week, I should have my new DSL up and running YAY

We will all eventually get used to it.