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Three big Problems Answered

Hello everyone, I have three problems at once. They are:
1. I can just look at pics as if I wouldn't have a Account EDIT: I just mean secondary pics can't enlardge
2. I can't rate anymore
3. I can't leave comments anymore, I can just reply other comments

I would be so glad if someone could Help me!

OP-System: newest ubuntu version
browser: firefox
I already cleard cash and delited cookies and loged out and everything.



I'm going to break up your bugs, so that they'll be easier for us to troubleshoot. If you or anyone is having problems viewing secondary images, please see this link, otherwise use this forum topic.

I STILL cant rate most things!?

...Try logging out and logging in and wait some time - thats how I got rid of that bug.

Yeah, we're working on the bugs.

Do you know, why it worked for some time?

Could you please fix mine as well everytime I rate 4 stars or more the ible gets five stars in total e.g.:
https://www.instructables.com/id/Macaroni-and-Cheese/ https://www.instructables.com/id/1000-rpm-hurricane-balls-for-less-than-7/

I don't know what happend, but these problems exist again.

Everything seems to work again!!!! (Don't know how I did it)

You posted this today (15 September). Can you recall how long ago you were last logged in, before running into these issues? In the past couple of weeks, there have been some bug-fix modifications to the site. If your brower is loading pages which it has cached locally, they could be inconsistent.

Have you tried doing the obvious things? Clear your cache (browser history), delete cookies, log off from Instructables and log back on, etc. If none of those things fix your problem, please update your topic text above to include saying that you tried them, and also tell us what browser (including version) and what operating system you use.

I'm an utter eeejit, deleted the comment there, I forgot what was decided during the great pro debate...

Not at all! The Eeejits are the ones who post eight different topics on the same issue.

I can't click on pics anymore to enlarge them. If I click on the second pic or others it does nothing. Just shows the first main pic on each page. I am not a pro member but I am registered and have always been able to view each picture.

Secondary pictures are a pro feature, that's why. I think there's a way a user can buy that function for free users but I don't know if it ever happened.

People with pro are also having this problem.

Another thread on the issue


I was mistaken about the features anyway, I had forgotten what exactly was decided during the great pro debate...

By the way, Mr. Croup? As in neverwhere? I read that the other day...

That's not the case (see above). All of the paid-only features involve formatting of I'bles in ways that "add value" -- PDF, all-steps, etc. The author's original work (which includes all the images and notes) is available to all users for free.

But the funniest thing is, that it works for my one instructables.


7 years ago

I have the "not able to see secondary photo" issue also. If this has become a pro feature, than instructables has made a turn to the dark side. Those pictures are required viewing for most of the instructable articles.

BTW: I have cleared the browser cache, deleted cookies and temp files, and logged off and back on. No change in problem, still can't see secondary photos. Browser is IE8.

Does the forum have something equivalent to Blizzard's blue posts, Where an Instructable's employee posts an update to a problem or a clarification?

I cleared the cache, history, etc. However, I am still experiencing the inconvenience of not being able to view secondary images. It must just be a temporary (fingers crossed) bug.

"Viewing secondary photos is a pro feature." This is not the case. In the initial proposal about features, it was true, but after considerable discussion (both in the forums and behind the scenes) Eric et al. concluded that the secondary photos are part of the author's original content, and not an "added feature" from Instructables. Preventing access to them prevented the author's work from being viewed.