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Throwie/Blinky using LED for Solarpower or using Radiowaves Answered

I was wondering if its possible to make a "battery-less" throwie or blinky.
I know there have been some solar throwies arround, but when looking through a message-board I found two circuits that use radiowaves or photovoltaik properties of a LED.
The only difference is that the "bettery-less" throwie would have to collect power untill its dark, and then feed from it.
Since I am not really into all the electronics yet, I do now know how well capacitors will keep their load, and if a aditional day/night switch detector will consume much power.

The LED-drives-itself circuit:
LED drives itself from Mikrocontroller.net
(I've read in the forums that preparing the LED with sandpaper so its diffus will make it less angle dependant to charge?)

The Radiowave-Blinker circuit:
Radiowave blinker

from the german electroniwerkstatt-Forum (Click and look at end of toppic)

A simple day-charge / night-operate circuit (such as a garden solar night light)
[http://solar night LED https://www.instructables.com/id/EPYWPCC3M0EVYE00UZ/ CLICK]

Has anyone build something like that?

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killbox (author)2008-04-30

Anyone have a cache of the Radio Wave blinker? the link is dead and its not on archive.org

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schorhr (author)killbox2008-04-30

Its only viewable when logged on to their messageboard, sorry. Here it is:

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akimbo m (author)akimbo m2008-06-17

I'm kinda looking for a way to make one of those battery less cell phone sticker flasher

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mikemmcmeans (author)2008-02-03

you mean like a solar powered flashlight?????
just read it

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schorhr (author)2007-05-25

Thanks, though I knew that much about capacitors ;-) Im aware that a capacitor will not light a super bright LED a whole night. Im thinking more of a low current led and a low rate blinking so save power.

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Brennn10 (author)2007-05-25

Well here is the forum topic for capacitor help.

Capacitor Help

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