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Tick repellent spray for dogs? Answered

My dog and I go out geocaching often and it brings us to many locations deep in the woods.  Naturally, both her and I pick up dozens of ticks along the way.

The dog takes a monthly dose of Frontline and it works.  The ticks bite her and die.  No problems with the medication.  I spray myself with bug spray and there are few issues of ticks getting on me when we're out.

The problem is, when we go home she will have ticks on her that I missed and they will crawl off of her and onto me or my wife.  I'll find myself sitting on the couch watching TV or driving to the store and I'll get bit by a tick.  My thinking is that if I can repel ticks from the dog, we will bring less home.

Is there a temporary spray that will repel ticks from my dog for 3 or 4 hours while we're out hiking and is compatible with her Frontline medication?


my fiance passed away unexpectedly and now our poor dog has only me to remove ticks that get on her when we walk. I totally screwed up the removal of the first tick I found on her. I feel so bad but I am too freaked out by them. She is a puppy and will not lay still for me, so I had to try to get the tick while tussling with a 60 lb. dog. I have pretty much stopped walking her. Now we not only lost the most important person in our life, we have lost the ability to do or enjoy the things we did with him. I would love to find something that would keep them off of her when we walk. I don't want to bring them home and have them jump off and crawl onto me. I am a tick magnet myself, so I always spray myself down good before walking. Is this Adams spray something that will keep them from getting on her at all?

Adams.  It comes in a blue spray bottle and works great for ticks, chiggers etc.  It lasts about 2-4 hours and you can respray whenever.  It is available at most pet stores or vets office.


-Kills adult fleas and ticks- controls immature fleas for 18 weeks.
-Reapply every 3 weeks.

That sounds like what my Frontline already does.

Frontline works from the inside out and this works from the outside.

Yes!  And that's a great price.  I gotta start shopping more online.  I  just paid $22 for the same stuff but I was out and needed it right away.  I don't think it works that long.  I apply it to my self every time I go in the yard or garden in chigger season.  And the dog gets it every once in a while even with the Frontline.

Well, I appreciate your reply but I just don't know about that stuff...

. Pyrethrin (one of the active ingredients in the Adams spray) is very popular and very effective. I've never used the Adams spray, but I have used other pyrethrin-based products with good results. A Q&D search for the other active ingredients lead me to believe this would be an effective and reasonably safe product. Lacking any evidence to the contrary, I would feel comfortable using it on my dogs.

I've been using it in the warm months in Texas (11.5 months) for about 20 years.  I used to buy it by the gallon when I had 8 dogs and 8 cats and 2 goats and two horses.