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Tilt shift lens for point and shoot (with filter mount)? Answered

Hey i was just wondering if you could make some sort of tilt shift lens for a higher end point and shoot (like panasonic fz100) that has a 52mm filter mount, or do you have to have a DSLR with interchangeable lenses.

Thanks in advance :)


yes, i believe so :)
i read about it in make magazine, i am not sure what # though, it said it gives it a "miniature effect" it gave instructions on how to build one, but on a DSLR lens mount. i do not have a dslr, but was wondering if the same effect could be achieved without having to make your own "lens"
overall it looks like lensbaby is what i am looking for. i am actually still not sure weather i want to get something like it or not. mostly researching about lenses and filters and that kind of stuff. Thanks!

You would need a DSLR for a Lensbaby specifically. If you are at a point in your photography career that a Lensbaby would appeal to you, then it might be time for a DSLR. It's not the typical thing for someone with a nice point-n-shoot to want, so you might want to take it as a sign. I'm sure you could rig something up, but it might be getting to a point where you really just need something beefier and then go crazy from there.