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Time Travel Contest (with actual prizes!) Answered

Fancy winning a few goodies?

From the New Scientist magazine:

Our theme this year is time travel. When the Large Hadron Collider at CERN was about to go into operation, some physicists speculated that it might attract visitors from the future (New Scientist, 9 February, p 32, and Feedback, 5 April ). For our competition, we ask you to imagine three such visitors arriving, each bringing glad tidings and bearing a gift from the future. What would the gifts be?

Ten lucky winners will each receive a copy of Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration of the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation and Time Travel by Michio Kaku. They will also receive a selection of New Scientist goodies - including books from the Last Word series and a pen-drive.

You may enter the competition online. You can also enter by email - with "Competition" in the subject field, please - or by fax or post.

The competition closes on Monday 1 December {a significant date} and no entries will be accepted after that date. The results will be published in the 20/27 December issue of New Scientist. The editor's decision is final. Happy imaginings!


What if I have one on teleportation? 

Well, if you can also time travel, you have an opportunity to enter the contest, which closed Monday 1 December 2008.  Good luck!

I missed the year...again....nevertheless, I can't go back on my own timeline...not safely anyways... ;-) 

Sounds exciting!

I don't think so. That was only two gifts.

There were three OH's in there ;-)

Hmm... Dystopian future... oo ooo oo!!! I'll se if I can drum something up from what brews in my brain...

well, ive pretty much got all of those. so... i mareswell enter eh? Just need to finish my mask, and im sorted.

Um, this all depends on whether you imagine a bright future or one like H.G.Wells envisioned.

Yeah, well maybe in the story....but in reality, I doubt I will have much impact on the future of the world at large :-) I was a late bloomer ;-)

Whenever I visit someone, my momma taught me to bring food or something like that. But I do have a method for thinking up my serious gifts.

Mine taught me, that if someone gives you food as a gift, wash the platter/pan/plate they used, and return the favor by making your favorite dish!

Similarly, mine taught me just to never return a dish empty.

Does we gets extra credit if we travels in time to ask em?

Time to fire up the old WP and get 'er purrin again :-)