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Timed Shocker, or Shocker w/ a Timer Answered

I was wondering if anyone knows how to build a shocker hooked up to a timer? Or at least how to hook up a timer to a shocker? If anyone can show me how to hook a good, strong shocker to an electronic timer, i'd be grateful. I already have a timer and i can post pics of it's insides if anyone wants a look, it's the one i plan to use. I was hoping to rig it up to the world's smallest shocker. Thanks in advance.


If the timer is electronic, and sounds a buzzer, replace the buzzer with a wire from the shocker to the shockee, with the other wire going there directly. If it's a mechanical timer, go old-school and use the turning dial to close a switch.

the clock buzzer output won't keep 300+ V in open circuit. it goes directly to a chip that is designed for 1.5 V. itll just break down

So replace the buzzer with a relay that will survive the voltage.

if the buzzer output can supply enough for the relay to work + if the relay will react to 1 KHZ pulsed dc otherwise a transistor is required

Of course - it was just a vague idea in response to a fairly vague request.

I quite like the idea of a clockwork timer - if you can find a wind-up egg timer, and connect it to a disposable camera-flash? Or the classic alarm clock. L


It's a classic of the home-made bomber - a wire on each hand of the clock, connected to the detonator - when the hands meet...

Yep, but which wire do you cut first? L

Oooh! The red one. :P

I was thinking 'blue' - maybe I'll leave these things alone in future... L