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Tiny solar cells - UK supplier? Answered

Solarbotics sell a tiny solar cell. A dollar each, but postage doubles the price.

Does anybody know of a cheaper source, preferably in the UK?

I have already googled, and failed.

Alternatively, is it possible to cut or break up a normal solar cell and still use the fragments?



(LOL - the site is even laid out like Solarbotics!)

Oh... I'll have to check the currency rates, but I think that it works out slightly cheaper to buy from the US!

Have you tried Ebay?

First thing I tried after solarbotics.

I would try contacting the goverment, im sure they have some eco friendly website service thingy

Oh, and dopey thing I should have tried earlier - the cells are supplied by Siemens, so I have contacted them as well.

Nice work! see, we have about half a brain between us...

i have stubled upon site that sells broken and damaged panels in bulk in really low prices they claim its possible i'd not break good panels on purpose. its greener to employ them somewhere else as they are (complete panels) and use batteries instead

i dont remember the name or exact words they used. the most we can is try to find with web search

electronic goldmine use to cell a big box of broken solar panels for like 10 dollars, but they no longer sell them (sold out?)

Those solar panels from solarbotics are alright, I have several