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Choosing paint ball gun Answered

When choosing a paint ball gun you need to first look at your budget. how much are you willing to pay. remember you also need a tank ($20 to $300) and a hopper ($5-$150) and a mask ($30 to $200)
you you want a cheap gun to shoot in you back yard and do not need reliability accuracy or quality Get a spader if you want to play paint ball don't get a spyder.
The first guns you will probably look at will be Tippmanns, they are extremely durable and reliable. How ever you can not play speed ball with a tippmannn your limited to woods ball. The only real reason to get a tippman is the flat line barrel system.
There is no reason why you cant get an electro-pneumatic gun and play woods ball. A proto slg or pmr weighs 3-8 pounds less than a tippmann. Woods ball games last for 30+ min a person with a 1.5pound gun a 2 pound tank and a half pound hopper is going to Own over a person with a 5 pound gun a 4 pound tank a half pound hopper. elect-pneumatic guns are lighter and are multi-purpose a with a tippmann you can only play woodsball
So which gun should i get
for a cheap woodsball gun get a Tippmann 98 custom pro or a tippmann A5
For a great multi roll gun look into a Proto Matrix rail (pmr) or Proto slg (super light gun) at my local store the pmr cost $10 more than the slg ($250) but it comes with a locking feed neck (worth $20+ and older more reliable internals)
For a little bit more performance at a higher price the invert mini is a great little unique gun its not the most reliable but you get a great gun for $350
BTW never buy smart parts guns.
I think the best gun for mid level players is the Dangerous power threshold $500 its sweet

what i originally said
I have been playing paintball casually for 3 years or so, and i dont have my own gun (iv been using my friends 98custom). I want a relatively cheap C02 marker with no complicated stuff (I.E electronic triggers) The Tippmann A5 seems perfect to me (cheap, High Bps, accurate, plenty of upgrades). If you have one i would love to here about its pros/cons or if you have something thats better for $150-250 let me know. or if you know any good reliable paint/have any upgrades (im looking at a longer barrel and a response trigger) please let me know.

Some vids from Mike (thanks love your channel)
The woods ball/tornament

The tippmann show

slg review

pmr review

Invert Mini review


gear bag


A Tippmann 98 custom with a cyclone hopper is a good combo.


9 years ago

hey i was wondering.......i just got the slg and its my first gun and i was wondering what its supposed to sound like without gass cus when i turn it on and i pull the trigger nothing happens no snap or anything but when i hold it like two seconds later there is a snap like a louder clicking noise...... and in the review it sounds faster and it does it right when he touches it......whats wrong with it........sorry its my first gun.....dont know what to expect


10 years ago

Do you like the 98 custom? Thats what I would recommend.

its ok. I want to get an A5 cause its a step above the 98. If im going to pay $300 for all the necessary starting equipment (including the A5). i want to have a gun better then the rental stuff at the field that i could rent for $50. But i still dont want to spend $400 for an Invert mini and $200 or more for the basic equipment (i.e tank + Electric hopper) Doing the math if i paintball 18 times the marker and equipment will pay for itself.

i have a 98c and i like it. im wondering are you playing woodsball or speedball? if woodsbal either the 98 or a-5 but its your own personal prefrence!

yeah and i play woodsball alot cause i have a tippy. yeaah tippy!

I played speedball with a tippmann, it worked fine, I was one of the last three people. Most using spyders, and other guns. I liked it, and I have $180 to spend for a gun, but I'm still not sure what to get.

I kinda want to get a mini for speedball though

to sum it up a with a Tippmann you can only play woods ball, with a electro pneumatic marker you can play woods&tournament with out paying a lot for ad ons
what advantage dose and A5 or 98 have over a proto Slg or pmr. you cant speed ball with a tippann (well you can but you need a egrip, double trigger, low pressure kit, and an expansion chamber easily adding up to $400+ not including gun and tank) the proto's run at about 140-150psi there electro pneumatic have 5 modes double trigger locking feed neck 14" stock barrel all you need is a hopper and a Hp tank

i can understand your "avoid CO2" theory. last winter i was playing a woodsball match it was 8*farenheit and i was shooting half the distance that i normally did. the co2 had contracted inside the tank from the cold. to fix this use N2 or compressed nitrogen

i reccomend the a-5 stealth kit. It is what i have and it comes with the M4 adjustible stock, A-5, remote line, and flatline barrel! i would say stay in thought with the A-5, do go to 98(hard to customize) or x7(x7 has more plastic parts, so your rly only paying for the looks) . the A-5 is a very great cause its easy to take apart and is the most customized gun on the market, and the internals are wonderful cause its all metal!......

if you have any questions on paintball im your man! just message me! =) its always great to help a fellow paintballer!


iv done more research and the Proto Slg ($200) seams like a much better buy. the regulator alone (dye hyper 3) is worth over $50. it runs on 145psi. the stock board has 4 modes (Semi, Millennium, PSP, and NXL) and it comes with a 14" barrel. to upgrade the A5 to the stock slg it would cost $200-$300 extra the Slg also weighs 4 Pounds less and looks sweet


well i also have a Invert mini, w/ a halo b hopper. it cost me $350, and its way better than the proto sig, and its very compact... heres some pics of me and my InVert Mini.------->