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To Whom it May Concern Answered

To Whom it May Concern:

I recently discovered a website dedicated to knex: http://www.knextoyzone.com/. However, on this website I found three familiar guns found on Instructables and KnexInnovation. Two are Dsman's, and one is Loosewire's. They are found by clicking on "Gallery" amd then the subcategory "Guns". If you didn't post these guns and knew nothing of this, please speak now and maybe we can e-mail the creator of this website that their users are commiting plagiarism. Thank-you for your time.


there advertising one of there host or sponsors

ha, i saw that a few months ago. i never really worried about it. i kinda felt more honored that they liked my work enough to post it there then mad at them for not putting my name on it. now, if someone else was calming to making it, then we would have plagiarism, but it does not really hurt for someone to post a image somewhere. but looking around, there are more things from instructables then just the guns, there is also the combination lock, the octopus ride. and maybe more.