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To all Bike riders/cyclists/commuters: What do you ride? Answered

I ride a 2000 MGX DxR [yes, the crappy, chinese, walmart version] to work every day, road commuting. I also ride it off-road, singletrack, streams, washboards, you-name-it-I've-ridden-it, with no issues. thus far, I have put around 19,000 miles on it, all told. totally original [otherthan tubes, tires, chain, cassette, brakes, etc] parts, still weighs 38 pounds. Anybody else ride something as cheap and inappropriate as commuter?

What do you ride every day? any bikes you'd LOVE to have?
Any funny bike stories?

  B.E. 'Brick' Montgomery 


I wouldn't call mine cheap, but it's definitely innapropriate:

Upgrade Complete!.jpg

I have a 1996 Schwinn 100 year anniversary model Sidewinder. It wasn't rideable when I got it, but it is now and its now a 24 speed.

Since a month Im a proud owner of a Yamaha r6 1999 but the main problem is ive run out of cash now. I need a new front tire! So i only drive When i certainly know that it is dry...