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To find user manual MP3 Answered

 Dear All...
 If you have  the user manual this MP3 player.Please give me a copy.,for to know what is function this small button.Thank you in advance for your time.
                                                  Kind regards



That's an MP3 player - Flash Drive - FM Radio

They don't specify what that button does, however, I believe its your "Function" or "Menu" button to allow you to switch from MP3 to FM Radio and to allow you to adjust the equalizer etc.

There is a link to ask a question on that site, maybe they can direct you to a pdf version of the manual.

Thank you bwrussell. But I don't see the site on your reply.
Kind regards.

Here's the link again.... <--- On that website (from the link) is a yellow image on the right that says "Questions and Support Ticket".

If you still need a manual, they should be able to help you further. :)

Hi canucksgril..
Thank you so much for your help. But seller
not reply and now my question is cleared .Thank you again for your time.

Also, if you don't need anymore help from us you can mark your question as "answered" by clicking on one of the blue buttons for a "best answer".

Good luck. :)

Sorry, by replying to canucksgirl I was implying it was her link. Should have been more specific.

Look up the brand and model number of the unit online and you should find an online manual.

Dear mpilchfamily
Thank you for your help.But unfortunate nothing marked on my player.Just see (MP3/WMA/REC)
kind regards


Answer 5 years ago

Dear All.
I found this site :
It's not bad for my question.
Thank you to all for your reply to help.
Best regards