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UPDATED: Today I was totally GROSSED OUT....Plus pics, and progress ! Answered

The landlord came today to "fix the walls" again, like he did a few months ago, and again 3 days ago....but his helper told him this wasn't working...so they started tearing the Bathroom and Bedroom wall (the adjoining wall) down.  The portion towards the outside wall of the building.....they found a pipe that was leaking....a big 9 or 10 inch iron pipe......guess what?   That is the drain from upstairs for the bathroom sink, the bath tub, and the TOILET.   For over 6 months now, we have had our bedroom wall deteriorating and being soaked by SEWAGE....
The helper told me in confidence that we are not the only ones he does this too.....grrrrrrrr.

Pictures have been updated with ones I took...



Our school finally got rid of the asbestos ridden floor boards for us, but I think your dilemma is worse...

Most of it is "behind" the plaster...but this seepage thing is not making me happy.....

Yes, I agree, I prefer to have my sewerage in pipes leading away from my house, not other people's sewerage leaking into my house.

At LEAST is was not so much of it that it had any odor to it....

But if it was, then it could have been found months and months ago. Albeit slightly nastier.

Well, from what the plumber said;  this was going one for YEARS....but yes, it would have been less healthy had certain "materials" leaked out also.

Well, at least it has been found, so the associated risk are no longer there.

Well, the risk will not get worse anyways.....as they say in the business of germs and viruses;  when it DRIES, it shall die.

But it must dry out first......we are still waiting for that to happen....it is fairly well soaked :-) 


There is one bacteria that can stay alive for up to 60 years... forgot what it's called, it's that one you breathe in... is it anthrax?

Well, I hope it was not present in the upstairs dweller's bathtub or toilet :-)

 That is nothing Goodhart

Recently in NZ, in a near new Hospital, the ceiling caved in over treatment rooms, above it, was a leaking sewer pipe that had been leaking since the place opened

You wouldn't say it was nothing, if it was your bedroom that had had a sewage leak in it for "years" as the plumber said.

How is your nose today?

Besides your sewer pipe is way over in the USA, this hospital is over here, one day, I might fall over and require treatment in that hospital.

And then, your sewer only affects YOU and your life-mate, our sewer affects 100s, even tourists from the USA.

Why must you always think of yourself and not others? :-)

We still have "long-drops" in the remote parks.

I can do nothing for your hospital, so it isn't like I don't care, but it doesn't enter my "worry list" since I can only do for what is in my world here.

That little scene from the movie: Looney Tunes: Back in Action

Daffy's line has become my catch phrase: 

Driving alongside the good guys, Nasty Canasta lights a stick of dynamite to throw into their car.
Kate: Dynamite?! Who has dynamite?!
Daffy: [scoffs] Welcome to my world.

BTW:   asbestos was found in my wall too....

That is bad.

Did they remove it in the legally prescribed way or seal it up in the legally prescribed way?

Or did they hand over ownership of your home to you, and say its your problem"

not yet, not yet, and no, he'd sell it for market price though....LOL  but I wouldn't buy that heap of plaster and mold if he PAID ME, honestly.

 If he paid you, you got the money to do a runner

Or find a real sucker to buy it off you.

one for the price of two? :-)

The only person that would buy that place would be a scientist studying various type of sewage organisms  :-) 

Invite your landlord for dinner, afterwards ask him  how he liked his macaroni cheese topped with sewage organisms

Have a bucket ready, otherwise you will need to find a bucket AND mop.

"We"'ve spent a lot of money investigating a drain problem under Endoscopy, and we're still using Asbestos consultancy services... But "we" are are doing something about potential hazards in hospital premises.
I was speaking to a consultant last year advising in Greek hospitals, bad for fire he said - knocked some sense into people, got paid well. Fire plans for hospitals are an interesting subject, a bit of thought and a person can get into the complexities of sick-people and impending death...
I'm sorry that this has happened in NZ, I don't really expect it in what I think to be a fairly well-developed country (but I am remembering things you've said previously though)



Our area got a new Regional Hospital too.

A week before the new wards (there were other departments too) opened, it was discovered that in the double rooms, the bed closest to the door, prevented the second bed being rolled in and out. They had to widen the doors

When they pulled the old building before it down, they had to use explosives to remove the cobalt bunker under the foundations, they had forgotten it as years earlier the cancer unit had switched to linear accelerators. (I recall the big one fondly, I had 3 months worth of 30-second zaps from it. (travel to get to it, 2 hours round trip per day)

The accelerators were in a large concrete block in the court yard below the ward (old building) The  main hospital corridor was at second floor level.

I spent a few days now and then in the ward at 3rd floor level.

Get this, looking down, I saw where the chaplains were based, you could not tell from the main corridor but they were in a prefab office, craned in, placed on top of the concrete block where the accelerators were.

A doctor told me, management had decided to test the chaplains faith.

I'm pretty sure that would violate all health codes in the US no matter where you lived, and there's a way of getting the house audited for health code/safety violations since a leaking pipe inside a wall isn't likely to be an isolated issue.  There's the potential for mold and mildew which can certainly affect your health and well-being.  Contact your local HUD office or tenant's rights council. 

If your landlord does find out, you could be making your situation more difficult.  For instance, in TX, a landlord can evict you for failure of payment if you are 24 hours late in paying rent which a landlord might do if considerably pissed off about something.

Regardless, it still might be in your best interest to have the house thoroughly inspected for your own health and potentially the health of others cos that's just plain nasty.

My wife does NOT keep house to any HEALTHY standards (yes, she made the choice to stay at home and not work outside the home), and so any health inspection would FIRST padlock the door because of the condition of the contents of the building.....we'd be charged for a HAZMAT team cleaning the place, and the landlord would get fined on top of that....THEN they'd look at the walls.  But, my wife is finally getting the picture and has started to clean up a bit.

Check with local government and your tenancy agreement. Be sure the Landlord is maintaining the property to the required standards.


Other then what I wrote to crapfinger below,  I will still look into it, since it good to know how much he can get away with, since we are just outside the city limits and into the "township".

i concur. with the "off the record" comments of his assistant, you've probably got a decent chance at legal action. especially if you contact the other tenants and they join in

Yes, well at this point,  since he is finally fixing it,  complaining would be counter productive....if he wasn't going to fix this, and the broken sink's faucets, AND the shower that is older they HE is (he's in his 80's ), then I would.....we shall see though....if he will not replace the gas stove that is older then he is, we may have to go for it anyways....one burner doesn't work and the pilot doesn't stay lit.  

Could be worse, you could have owned that house (and pipe) and been on the hook for repairs.

With all the rent we've paid in 18 years we COULD have owned the house, two times over...

 That's pretty shi**y Goodhart.

Did it smell ?

no, thankfully,  most of the water was GRAY water from the sink and bath tub....