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Toilets - Or better: How do you use one? Answered

Ok, although we might not want to admit it but everyone of us sooner or later has some bodily functions that we take care of in private.
For most of us the main difference between toilets, apart from the looks, would be wether it has a flat bowl or just water where everything drops in.
The first type is mostly common in Europe while the "let it splash" type is used everywhere else - except of the Asian region.
Check the attached pics for reference please.
Which brings me to point of how to use a toilet...
For a nice number two the western world prefers to sit down, some might even grab the newspaper but that's another story LOL
In Asia however this concept is totally unknown and considered to be filthy and dirty.
Here the prefered method to get rid of a number two is to squat - basically just a hole in the ground or a channel filled with water.
For all those still struggling with the concept have a look here:

I don't want to go into all details but if are living in a area with a great percentage of Asians you will often find public toilets and those in restrooms of your favourite restaurant in an usunsable condition.
After all it is not easy to stand on a toilet seat (seems to be hard to fold it up) and let the number two find the right spot on the way down.
So apart from cultural differences I do wonder about this:
If western toilets are considered to be filthy and dirty compared to squat toilets, how do you consider them with footprints and the rest colored in a stinky brown?
Could someone make me a nice, non-offensive comic like picture that explains the use of western toilets and that standing on the seat is definately not the right way?
Would like to use it at my workplace (boss is fine with it as long as it is not offensive in any way).


https://www.menards.com/main/paint/paneling-planking/paneling/fasade-reg-diamond-plate-4-x-8-pvc-wall-panel/p-1444423260561.htm. Most westrn toilets have hinged toilet seat and a cover over that. What if another hinged layer, at the bottom was diamond plate? Stand on that.

I wish it would be that easy, problem is that a standard toilet is not designed for these uneven loads.
Let's face it, a lot of toilets are not even firmly screwed to the ground...
And for some weird reason they always stand on the plastic, never on the ceramic directly ROFL

yeah, I guess 100% of one's weight on 1 side is significant.

one could take the squatty potty one step further. Build a platform each side o the bowl, same height as bowl.

You might be on to something.
Make an Instructable out of it and see how many asian users jump onto the idea ;)

I might draw it up, but I'm not real motivated to build it.

As for cartoons, I'm not much of a cartoonist, but I. Think it's a 5 frame comic: westerner steps out of shower, butt sparles with cleanness. Asian squats on toilet. Toilet with footprints, Westerner stands up from toilet with footprints on butt. Repeat frame 2- Asian sqatting this time with cicle an line across, indicating "don't do this

adressing why they consider western method unclean may be important. Are butcheeks unclean in Asia? Could they put toilet paper on seat

I had that conversation with one of the co-workers, who of course claims to it the western way LOL
Basically everything that has to do with you getting rid of your waste products is considered to be unclean.
In most Asian countries it goes so far that on public toilets you also try to avoid eye contact or talking to other people using it because the "procedure" itself is highly private.
So for them even a freshly installed toilet room is still not clean enough.
This means all (skin) contact has to be avoided.
Standing on a pan or just over a hole in the ground will make sure you stay clean.
Toilet paper is a no-go as well - you have to bring your own in most cases and it is not recommended to flush it, instead you bin it after use.
Another "fact" is that in the squatting position the number two comes out easier and in a more "natural" way, which is a good thing for constipated people.

For me it comes down to basic safety.
We had broken seats, one broken cistern and now a cracked toilet.
The last thing I want to find when going to the loo is what happened here.

Problem is that something that generations have done before you is not easy to change.
But just thinking of the balance act required to make this possible on a western style toilet makes me sick already so I really do wonder why they risk it every day...
Company got a pack of toilet seat covers in an attempt to tackle the problem.
You know the kind made to fit your seat so you sit on hygenic paper instead of filthy plastic?
Turns out they are a real hit, but despite the pics on it they are only used half correct.
Instead of sitting on it they put it on the seat to keep their shoes clean and then put it back on the floor for the next one to use....
If it would not be so sad it could make a good and funny TV show ROFL

funny, yup.

If toilets are getting broken, how hard would it be to have 1 stall with an Asian style hole in the floor?

And I thought I publish weird forum topics... ;)

I don't recall ever seeing a toilet that doesn't look like the European one. I don't even live in Europe...

Since the embedding of videos is still not working for me: