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Too Short for an Instructable- free water Answered

A friend showed me this trick at Safeway. If you are thirsty, but either 1) Don't have money on you or 2) Don't want to buy a whole bottle just for a few sips, most food stores are required to give free water to anyone who asks. There will be no signs advertising this fact. Simply walk up to the counter (we did this at a small Starbucks stand by the bakery) and politely ask for a drink of water. My friend received a clear plastic cup filled with water and ice, no charge. Then I walked up and bought a Dr. Pepper, not free of charge.


Yeah, but water doesn't taste good. Maybe if they did that with tea.

Yeah, but water doesn't taste good.

So I'm not the only one to think that! It has a bad aftertaste. Hot water smells terrible.

Coca-cola thats been in the car, for 3 hours in day. It burned my throat!!!

Ugh..that sounds horrible. I'm not a big fan of soda in the first place...but hot soda? Blech!

Worst part is, that burning sensation stays for hours, and you cant taste anything!!!

Ive felt that before only.... it kinda felt good......

I hate the water we have, I'm drinking it right now and it tastes absolutely terrible.

Interesting fact... When i was camping up at the reservoir I just got all the fresh water out of it, clean rivers and lakes up that way, gave it a quick filter since the land around is peat, it smelled normal when boiling it, not al stinky like tap water, it also tasted good, like LIDL's Saskie Quelle water...

I don't sniff hot water often, but it does smell pretty rank.

the coolz from within him is arising once again....

Anywhere that sells food to be eaten right away (cafes, take-aways, restaurants) is supposed to supply tap-water for free. If they charge "for the cup", take your own cup (use a battered tin cup, so it rattles when you use it, and is obviously not one of the venue's own), or ask firmly to speak to "the manager, not a supervisor, the manager that decided to charge for something that is free".

YES! Water should be free! That's my own personal soap box, right there, that is. Check it out! :-)

It is free, even the water in the coke product desani, it's totally free, you just pay for processing, filtering and the bottle to a total of $1.29 to $2.49 for 591 mL of water depending on were you get it ..... And we though gas was expensive....

You also pay for the delivery...if you wanted to go down to the river, you could drink to your heart's content.

Aren't they legally obligated to do this? I always wondered...

I don't think there's any reason for them not to, it's practically free for them, and refusing you could cause the lost of a customer.

at some(most unless lots of people do this) you can bring your own container and ask how much it would be to fill it up with slushie(only slushy because sodas are corporate products) and they will normally charge you like a buck to fill it up.

Yeah we did that after having the same idea of bringing our big jugs to the bar with us... (look at avatar for the rest of the explanation...) On another note they charged us £4.00 for 4 Pints...

A local Subway store actually refused to give me a cup of water a while back. I bought a footlong sandwich, and I asked for a cup of water to go with it. I was told that they are no longer allowed to give water cups out, and I would need to buy a bottled water. My response was that I would go get the bottle of water that was in my car and drink that, and I was then told that I couldn't bring in outside food or drinks. I haven't been back to that subway since...

hmmm... i thought it was called a drinking fountain

Muahhaa.... This gives me a ruddy brilliant video idea...

:-)(-: Great idea I'm going to try it. :-| |-: :-( )-:

This trick didn't work at an AMC Movie Theater. My friend went up to the counter, not wanting a soda. So he asked for a cup of water, and they ended up charging him for it. The lady at the counter said that they charge for the cup; not for the water. I wasn't really surprised because this was the same theater which has mice running around the seats, and major food and sanitary violations.

I guess they were threatened to be shut down if they didn't shape up.

well, thats good news. i would not want to go to a movie theater like that anyway. the one by me has outrageous prices though. it's 4.00$ for a half empty thing of candy.

Reminds me of my old movie theater. Outrageous prices for burnt popcorn and watery drinks. Half the time something didn't work (audio, screen blackouts, air conditioning, etc). It got replaced by a much better one. Everyone is so happy. :)

This always works. Ask for a cup of water, get soda, wrap it in a napkin. Or get water. Whatever. :P

ask for tap water