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Too many redirects. Answered

Having problems with opening select instructables on iPhone running 5.00.
I get an error:
"Page cannot open. There were too many redirects." (paraphrased)

These instructables work from my Mac, using both Safari and Firefox.

Here is one 'bad' site:

Anyone else having this issue??


"Too many redirects" is often what browsers complain about if a site is trying to store or/and retrieve a cookie, but your browser is configured to not allow that. Basically, the remote site fails to get the cookie, and tries again, and tries again, and the browser doesn't like it.

Do you allow I'bles to save cookies on your iPhone when you run Safari? If not, you should turn that on (not all cookies, just cookies from Instructables itself).

My cookie setting was already set to "accept from visited websites".
Updated it to "accept all". Did a hard reset/ pwr off and deleted history/cookies.
Now I can access the sites. Not sure I understand why it works now (it used to work fine with the old cookie setting), but it does. Thanks to everyone who responded.

Ah, that suggests that it was one of the third-party advertisements, not I'bles itself. Your previous cookie setting was a good one, and you may want to think about changing it back (and deleting whatever non-I'bles cruft got collected).

The really hard part about isolating this is that I'bles has no control over the ads. I'bles is paid by services to put the stuff on their Web pages which generate the ads by redirect, and some of those are less, er, reliable/solicitous/honest than others.

You might want to get in touch with I'bles staff more directly (send an e-mail to service AT instructables DOT com). Let them know what country/region you're in, which page (if it's reproducible on a particular page), and maybe what other ads are showing up on the page at the time.

The example you give opens fine on my iPod.

Looking at it, I suspect that the issue is the number of hyperlinks within the text. Could your anti-virus, firewall etc be interpreting the page as a threat on that basis?

No, don't think so. This only happens on my iPhone. Everything works fine on my iMac, which is on the same network.

In that case, "pass", sorry.