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Too much inspiration too many projects-Overwhelm? Answered

If one has too many ideas for creating is there good system or some practical wisdom to manage them or rank them for value? Too many unfinished projects can be so frustrating. I try to use project management tools as much as i can be there must be some shortcuts. Thx

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Paige RussellBest Answer (author)2017-11-06

Hi sunnyomerhassan,

Sorry for my delayed response!

Too many ideas is a very real problem for creative minds. How one keeps track of them and lines them up to knock them down (aka, bring them to life) tends to be a very personal thing.

I think deciding which one to make first (or at all) gets down to what your definition of 'value' is. If you're thinking of producing a design to license or manufacture yourself for profit, it's important to look at the market and do A LOT of research to determine which of your great ideas will have the most room/value in the marketplace.

If on the other hand, they are all passion projects and you are making them as a hobby for the satisfaction of seeing them in the real world, then try ranking your ideas by personal preference and organize the top contenders based on what materials and manufacturing processes you'll be using. It could be that some of your projects could share resources and that will cut down on time and costs.

To be honest, I have SO MANY ideas that I have learned to accept will live ' on the back burner' permanently. There's only so much time in a day and one life!

Sorry I couldn't offer a more clear solution to this common creative problem! Good luck with your choice making!


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