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Top 10 Instructables For the Home Answered

Shelving, tables, lighting, and more: what better way to outfit your house with what it needs than to make the accessories yourself? Check out this list of some of the best Instructables to help improve your home.

As always, they're in no particular order.

Invisible Book Shelf by dorxincandeland
Have an old book you're never going to read or use again? Free up some storage space and utilize that book to create a bookshelf that makes your books look like they're floating around.
Concrete Kitchen Countertop by doubleabattery
Combine the fun of DIY with the finished look of a professional product with these concrete countertops made from concrete. .
Simple Platform Bed by aeray
Pick up your mattress from the floor: with only a few materials and easy steps, you can efficiently make a platform bed. For another option, try the Pipe Dream Bed.
Aquarium Coffee Table by x86Daddy
You can give your living room a fishy feel with this sure-to-impress aquarium coffee table. .
Literary Clock by mdhaworth
If (after the Invisible Bookshelf) you've got another book to spare, you can turn it into a timepiece perfect for any room . .
Laptop Stand by jumpfroggy
Need to check the latest Instructables after you've already called it a night? This laptop stand will help you comfortably compute in bed or wherever you need a solid surface. .
Tennis Ball Chair by wholman
Revamp an old chair into a stylish, comfortable work of art featuring tennis balls. .
Knife Block by engineerable
A high-quality, wall-mounted knife block safely stores and organizes up to 30 knives of varying shapes and sizes. .
Minimalist Desk by arte.sano
Create a functional workspace with your own very simple desk using workhorses and a door panel. .
Paper Lamp by drips
Light up your house in style with this geometric table lamp made out paper, or opt for the classic Lampshade Polygon Building Kit .
Now there's no excuse for putting off those renovations. Add your other favorites below!


um wht are we talkin about here?


9 years ago

kiteman, what were they SELLING then if you could read the instructions word-for-word?? or did you buy it first and then notified them?

He used the exact photo ripped off of this site.

good for you kiteman some people just dont have any problem with passing off other peoples work for their own

I caught somebody trying to sell a copy of the aquarium coffee table instructable on ebay.co.uk, passing it off as their own work.

Yes, they were just selling the instructions, copied word for word off this site.

I had a little word...

How did you know that he was selling the insturctions? As Pirco said.

He used the exact photo, ripped off the website as the item illustration, and he was just going to email the instructions.

When I informed him that I knew exactly where he got it from, and listed his offenses (he was breaking copyright law, ebay rules and the licence the project was published under), the item disappeared very quickly.

thats pretty kool, defending someone's work like that, Go Kiteman!


we do need some Instructable police

I'll print up some badges. Hold for slideshow.

Take it as a compliment, ... then report it to eBay.

It was quicker to send a clear message and a direct threat - the listing was deleted within five minutes of me pointing out exactly how many ebay rules and UK laws he'd broken.


9 years ago

I am liking these top ten lists very much... keep them coming.

Cool! Great instructables!