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Top 100 Instructables of 2017 Answered

Hello friends!

Looking back over the top-viewed Instructables from 2017, I realized what an interesting list it was and decided to put them into a collection to share. Here's a link: https://www.instructables.com/id/Top-100-Instructables-of-2017/

Take a look and see if some of your Instructables (or some of your favorite Instructables) made the list.

If you've got any thoughts, comments, observations, please share below!


Anything that helps around the house is a blessing lol


6 months ago

My favorite is "Make a Massironi Shelf"

Good stuff :-) Nice to see the PiKon telescope among the most popular of 2017!

My favorite is the 4th one...I mean the roller bender, JackmanWorks' french cleat wall and storage wall, the homemade laser cutter, too many to list. Oh, and all of the unusual uses I'bles!

Nice recap. I missed a few of these the first time.