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Top 5 new Instructables for this week Answered

Want to see what the most popular new Instructables are? Here's a list of the Instructables published in the last week (since April 24) that had the most pageviews.

Creative reuse clearly stands out as well as some old-fashioned crafts. There's also our old friend, the Arduino. A lot of good stuff and be sure to check these out as well as many other solid Instructables that have been recently published.

Hand made COG Tags
Ever wanted your own COG tags? I hadn't ever thought about it. But then i decided to make some. I was inspired by a coglike thing i found in my garadge xP Inspiration comes fr...
posted by RavenShadow519 on Apr 24, 2009
VHS Tape Storage Drive
This project turns a old VHS Tape into a USB storage drive. It looks like a normal VHS cassette tape except for the USB cable that sticks out of the shell. All of the project ...
posted by abbtech on Apr 26, 2009
Viking wire inlay
Wherein Ben endeavors to explain one of his methods for inlaying non-ferrous metals into steel for knives and swords.
posted by ben potter on Apr 28, 2009
Control your motors with L293D and Arduino
After long research and trial and error, I have came up to a new walkthrough regarding this nice chip, the L293D.Each project is one project and each one has its own unique ...
posted by guibot on Apr 26, 2009
Contactless dynamo powering bike safety lights
Hello everyone!! On this instructable you will see how to build a simple contacless dynamo for powering a bike safety light from a relay coil and some hard drive magnets.As ...
posted by vbnicolau on Apr 29, 2009


I really like thy dynamo one !

how about making a drawing tablet and pen made from an optical or laser mouse?

This isn't asking for projects, this is a list of the most-viewed recent projects.

Is this going to be a regular posting?

If people are into reading these, then it could be. We recently got a new tool that makes this list easier to make.

Congrats to all the authors!

Nice..... ry25920