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Top LED Instructables Answered

The number of awesome LED Instructables keeps increasing, and we want to show them off! We have an older list of top LED Instructables, but within the space of a year and a half, including the very successful Let it Glow! and Get the LED Out! Contests, we've gotten many more cool projects that light up with color due to LEDs. Here are, in no particular order, 10 more great LED Instructables for you to try (or just admire):

LED Chess Set
With some dedicated modifying, you can turn a cheap glass chess set into a beautiful, glowing version. It also inspired another Instructable, the Simpler LED Chess Set.

Synchronizing Fireflies
A favorite of randofo's , this series of LEDs shows a possible way that fireflies synchronize lighting up at the same time.

Turn Signal Biking Jacket
Hand signals, meet technology: a biking jacket with controllable glowing turn signals built in.

4x4x4 LED Cube
Make light-based designs and patterns come to life with a large cube of LEDs.

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