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Tornado96's manga Forum! Updated: 20/03/11 Answered

Hey everyone! More Drawings! Updated for 20/03. Almost a month. Sorry. Lot's og homework :-( (Now number one is att teh end of the lisxt and the highest number is at the beginning of the list.

1: Just a kid in sport clothes. The eyes and nose are wrong and no shadows. :-(

2: A Samurai-ish guy with a katana. The legs could have been linger but I LOVE his Katana!

3: The best one! A teenage girl in a shirt and skirt. I focused on Shadows and proportions.

4. Profile attempt. I need to practice shoes...

5. Guy in sports gear. Trying to draw thumbs up!

6. A whole bunch of hand sketches.

7. Trying a different position this time.

8. A girl in a fress that I drew during geography.

9. Using Mark crilley's ready to fight pose video! :-)

10. Another little pose. (is it just me or is his head to big? O.o

11. EPIC DRAWING! (My favourite to date!) Girl in Fihgting clothes with Katana! :-D

So what do you think!

Please leave your thoughts!


it`s so wonderful


A teenage girl wearing a shirt..

Why not? The Japanese are awesome! But I'll stick with what I've got.

Well not right know but it's just a joke. THe Japanese are awesome though. The news about the Earthquake/Tsunaim was horrible... :-(

yeah i know that guy who made pokomon is dead now it's horrible not that i like pokemon but it's just horrible

HAHA I wish... No I've only been doing it for about two months. I'm not very good at drawing angles...

(LATE) Your great

(early) Your um... (i can't think of anything that rhymes with early...)


Not starting a stupid, pointless flame war about smilies. Just saying I use no nose now. =)

lol was that comment really necessary? I mean the flame war part :-P

Just making sure because that one with soronoume all my comments were like smilies,smilies,SMILIES

Oh you have something in common with Rosie O'Donnell LOL

Nice! I'm more of a cartoony guy......never really learned just watched my amazingly artist friend and eventually i picked it up

Wowie! You are great at drawing hands! I wish I could, is there a secret to it?

Notice how ALL my hands are drawn from the front or from teh side. I'm still working on angled hands. they're really toguh. :-(
Just draw them on a piece of paper like I did.
And watch Mark Crillet's youtube vid's THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

Thanks! I will have to look at the vid!

that's fine! I found it! It is absolutely amazing! :D