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Toshiba laptop charger Answered

I now have 2 Toshiba laptops, a Portege M300 and a Portege M600. My M600 is secondhand, and didn't come with a charger, however i discovered that the charger port is smaller than the charger port on the M300. Will i have to buy a new charger or is there anything i can do?

new Toshiba chargers are, I believe, AUD$96.


If the output voltage and ampage are the same, the dc size is the same, that will be ok to use.

Thanks for your suggestion Alex-sharetskiy.
I have found that having plugged in the new charger, the fan spins, the disc drive and hard drive run, but the screen doesn't turn on. The power indicator light comes on, blue, then switches off and blinks orange. any suggestions? .

the charger? i actually got the specific charger for that model, toshiba as well.  i think no power is reaching the screen, because the above happens, but the whole unit is on while it does that, but the screen stays resolutely black.

you can either buy this:

or you change the plug on the end