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Total Views vs Referrers Answered

I will refer to this post that received no apparent answer, so I will ask again since this post is so old.


 have found that I have an iblle that has 20k+ Total Views.  Hurray for me!  First time I have received so many views in such a short time.  So, I went to view the stats to try to see where the traffic is coming from.  After looking at the Referrers I see that the numbers for Referrers only ads to 3000+

Shouldn't Total Views = Referrers?

If not, hopefully someone could explain to give value to these stats.


The Water Dog


There is a similar disconnect between the number of daily views the "Launch Stats" window gives you and the extent to which the view count increments. My best guess is that the referrers/stats give you number of unique visitors to your instructable, but the view count includes every "next step" click as an additional view.

Yep, I have never understood Instructables math.

Interesting question!