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Touch Screen AC Control for car, please help Answered

Hi everyone, I need some help. I have an AC fan switch that is going out on my truck, it seems there is a design flaw with the clips holding the switch to the plastic face mould, and it gets pushed back into the dash, where the wires that clip into the switch get cocked to the side and it doesn't make a good connection, so to keep the fans working at all its stuck on high and I don't dare move it. I may not get it back on again lol. So instead of trying to fix the clip I was thinking it would be simply amazing to replace all the switches for the AC, temperature, defrost, floor, bi-lev etc. and fan speed. I'm wanting to replace these with a single touch screen interface. one the mimics the original setup. I'll take some pictures and post later so you can see what I mean. If anyone knows what I would need to get a touch screen to act as a switch, or maybe something a little more simple such as simple on/off touch switches, and slider touch switches? like those you see on fancy referigerators these days, or the PS3 power buttons?


anyone know where to get these swutches?

Yea, I was kinda thinking that, the idea of touch switches kinda hit me as I was writing this thread but I still have no idea where to get them, and all research I've done today indicate those kind of switches require a power source of their own. Anyone know what I'm talking about and where to direct me?

If you don't know what you're doing, I highly disadvise you from using a touch screen. Even if you did, it wouldn't be worth it. You'd need a controller to take the resistive outputs from the screen and turn it into XY, then a uC to actually take the XY and control all your stuff. Just because touchscreen (the touch layer, not counting the actual screen) has 4 pins, doesn't mean its easy ;P