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Touchscreen Jukebox Answered

Any ideas about building a PC jukebox with touchscreen? There are a couple of suggestiong online but nothing that would really stand out. Thanks


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It you want something that will really stand out check out the "mountian's jukebox" there is lots of guides on how to make this model and it looks great.

I have the same idea, here's what I have so far. A laptop with a swivelling touchscreen. I will be running Ubuntu Lite or Lubuntu as the operating system and a program called SKG Jukebox to provide the jukebox interface. I will mount this in a 5' high frame with the top 1/3-1/2 tilted back on a 30-45 degree angle. I will be building the frame myself. The bottom half will be used for storage or, perhaps I'll put my bar fridge in there.


Hi T-Prime,

I'm about to start my own jukebox project and had hoped to use SKG Jukebox on a touch screen linux box, so when I found your reply here I was quite pleased.
Would you be willing to share your experience? Perhaps in an instructable?
BTW, I'm about to buy a similar cabinet for eh, well, very cheap. I like the fridge idea, maybe I'll adopt it in favor of the built-in hifhi stereo idea that I had.

Unfortunately I've been away from home for most of the last year, so this project has been moth-balled until I can get some time at home. Sorry I can't provide more info.

Thanks for your answer T, I tried using albumplayer and liked that.
But I think I'm heading towards and arcade/jukebox type thing now.
Touchjams has a nice dual display option for Karaoke that looks good

Hi. I used an Ipad and built a cabinet around it. Check out my 'ible.


9 years ago

you need to be more specific