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Toxin-Targeting Plants Answered

Plants in your home can do much more than make a room aesthetically pleasing. Certain plants can minimize or neutralize the damage of three of the most common household toxins: trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, and benzene. This chart from Good Magazine shows you which plants you can use to turn your house into a floral, detoxed home.



Found good amount of information regarding plants, now I can place correct plant in my garden.

I've started looking this up a few months ago. I found out about hope....or something like that plants.......Anyway I bought a few....and I didnt really feel any difference (perhaps my home is pretty clean?) But I kept a few anyway.

This would have been so useful 3 months ago! But, I'll use this chart nonetheless, thanks!

I brought plants to my office cube and can tell the difference in my allergies. I have an english ivy I'm training to run the length of the top, rooted in little hanging credit card boxes, which is very nice anyway. Also I have a Philodendron that I always seem to be giving its cuttings away.

I have the 3rd one. I have about 5 of them.....

There is also a fairly useful book on this subject called: How to grow fresh air : 50 houseplants that purify your home or office by B.C. Wolverton. I discovered it a couple years ago at my local public library.

Measuring magnification

How to Measure magnification
How can I see how strong a magnifying glass is?

I bought this magnifying glass http://www.liangdianup.com/inventory/189901.htm and I want

to know how to test it to see how strong it is. I hear a lot of people talk about

magnifying and how strong the magnification is, but I would like to know the true

magnification of my magnifying glass. I have a few of them and some seem stronger then

others. How can I rate these? How can I pin a correct number on mine? How do the companies

that make these come up with these numbers.

Not to quibble, but...you feature all your own forum topics! :D

i'm aware. it's to keep new content flowing through the forum...not narcissism.

I'll have to admit, all of these are interesting...where do you find them?

All over the internet, mainly with RSS feeds. We look for cool articles and happenings that we think will be of interest to the Instructables community and put them up. There's a lot of wading through blogs, online magazines, and a variety of other sites, and then we pick some interesting ones to post in the forums.

Um....may I suggest a site?

Its called Plime.com

That's where i get my stories.

There's some stuff that might be NSFW, but they usually feature very interesting topics and news.

And asking the same question as Patrik, are you an intern or staff?

Yes, I'm one of the new Instructable interns for this summer. Thanks for the welcome!

Ahh!!! I never welcomed you!!!! Sorry!!!!!

Hi Josh - you one of the new Instructables interns or staff members? If so, you may want to mention that in your profile. Welcome aboard!

Oh...sorry then! It is true, it keeps the forums a' movin..

. Several ppl do that. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but it just doesn't seem "right" to me, either. "Appropriate" would be a better word - nothing really wrong with it. . I just didn't think it was a big enough deal to bring it up first. It might be different if I didn't agree with their assessment of a topic's Featureabilityness (hmmm spellchecker flags that one for some reason) 99% of the time. :)

Yeah, but I have to admit, that 40% of those were useful to me. So.....eh

Rehash of a twenty year old NASA / ALCA study, except they spelt Pothos wrong and it's "Janet Craig", not "Jenny Craig".

I love these posts. All of them are interesting reads, and keeps the number of stale posts at a minimum. Keep it up.