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Transform a store to a room ! Answered

We have a small store on the roof , which is very dirty and filled with racks and suitcases .
the walls are awful too .
Can someone give me ideas to transform it into a new room for me cz my current one is awful .
It will as a guest room where i can sit with my friends and watch TV mainly .



Remember to insulate against outside heat and cold, if it isn't already done. Many upper storage areas have the floor insulated, but not above, where it will matter if you use it for any length of time.

That's a nifty-looking space! The detailing on the entrance dorrs is cool, and there's some very nice wood in those closet doors.

If it were mine I would -
  • Check with the local permit/planning/permissions people to see what's allowable. Even if you do not chose to conform to what's required, knowing is always better than not knowing. (On this note, are there any windows? In the US at least, any room intended for human occupancy must have at least one window.)
  • Clear out all the stored items, or at least as many as possible.
  • Get The Roof Fixed. From the water damage to the ceiling, and the daylight coming in at the top of the walls, it looks like you've got smoe serious issues there. You don't want to fix it up nicely just to have everything get soaked & ruined in the first big rainstorm. (If the roof is unfixable, maybe you could knock out a wall and turn the room into a cabana/gazebo-type thing?)
  • Paint everything but the entry and closet doors white (or some other reasonable color).
  • Paint the entry doors in a subtle shade of a favorite color. Pick out the detailing in a richer shade of a favorite color.
  • Find a room-sized carpet remmenant and put it in.
  • Add comfy chairs & big squishy floor pillows.
  • Enjoy. :)

Check out if things are ok with the local city government. There might be some regulation about not allowing this sort of room can be used for habitation and storage only and you might need to make some changes when a space is going to be used for something it wasn’t originally classified for. My brother in law wanted to convert his garage into a guest room but had to make a number of changes, like insulating for a start, to comply with regulations. This will depend on what city you live in. The bummer is when you get it wrong and some jobsworth comes along and wants it pulled down because there isn’t the appropriate building certificate.

Just paint it white, and cut a piece of carpet the right size. If you want it to look bigger put some mirrors in.

Easiest thing is to paint it all and furnish with furniture. If it is still used for storage at least you can camouflage the doors to the closet. I don't know if you want the expense of really putting in new drywall to replace the dated panel look. You reall need to decide what kind of decorator theme you want to go in there and it is probably not a big space. Do you need to update the lighting or you want to go to the dark side and paint it all black like a disco and have LED ceiling lights. There is a lot you can do with a space you just want to hang out in. Good luck.