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Transformer-winding wire Answered

I am going to be hand-wiring up a large lot of transformers. Someone has told me there is an enameled wire (magnet wire) whose coating melts when you dip it in solder (also tinning the copper tip at the same time). What is this type of wire called? I am having a hard time searching for it. Thanks!


problem solved... i cranked up my solder pot to full temp, and it melts and tins standard magnet wire in an instant. sweet.

Never heard of it, ask the "someone" who told you about this? L

they conveniently dont remember what its called =P

this guy recommends burning it off.
I'd go with that or scraping it off with a knife / sandpaper.
Everything else I could find is essentially the same thing: extreme heat or abrasion. I don't think there's a specific wire for the purpose, the "melting" is a general technique.


my standard way of doing it is burning off the enamel as well. i liked the sound of this special type of wire because it would speed up the process while making these by hand (i'm winding more than 50 of them). no worries though!

You could try having a pot of hot solder and dipping the end in (melting) - but what are you making? L

"Yes. It's the best method ever, and I'll never forget the name." "So what's the name?" "Good question"