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Transmitting video over Wi-Fi Answered

Hey Instructables community! I'm trying to build a system that will transmit video feed from a camera attached to an RC car to a computer over wifi for a project me and my daughter are working on. I've looked through several solutions, such as wireless KVM, but wanted to know what you guys thought would work best. I'm looking to have to put as little electronics as possible on the RC car, to minimize weight. Thanks!


Maybe look into those wireless security cameras or baby monitors. It might get complicated to build from scratch and to get the electronics in a small package, Good luck.

It WOULD get complicated, especially once one tried to "keep it secure" :-)

I'm thinking getting a setup like this working will be tricky enough without trying to build a baby monitor from scratch! I think i'll just follow the steps this guy lays out and just strap it onto the car unless some better idea strikes us.
Thanks for the help!

Mount the camera in some kind of shock mount - rubberband/spring contraption like used for microphones to get some of the jitters out. Check the power requirements for the ip-camera, I think there is a wall wart to power it up. Don't know if the antenna is good enough for moving around after it acquires a signal..

That's a good point- I hadn't considered the shock mount. And it should be if its just over wi-fi, but i'll be sure to try it out or ask around before buying.