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Travian? Answered

Does anyone here play Travian? I ask because I discovered it a while ago (over a year, but anyway) and have recently got back into it. I am located on S5 in the South-East (+|-) Username rattfish.

If you want to find out how addictive the game really is, why not make an account? Here's a link.


Not sure if that worked, so if not just copy and paste. I would read the manual before joining, so you can decide which tribe to play.


OMG! Server 5 south east Jamalam =0

Basically an agreement not to attack each other.

Ok then :) and i'm sorta new... any tips? :P

Keep your cranny 1/3 above your warehouse production to stop raiders getting any of your resources. Firstly I would follow the quests (for resources) then build all your resource fields up until you have about 60 of each an hour, except for wheat which you can have about 40 an hour. Then, build about 5 of your basic troops (build a rally point and then barracks) and raid people who are 2 population. Keep building up your resources with you income from raiding and your own production. When you have your resources up to about level 7 for each field, build 1 of each type of resource field up to level 10. This will let you get a building (brickworks of clay for example) that can multiply your resource production by up to 125% of normal. Then, you are just about ready to build a residence of palace and make a new village! I would make it reasonably close, so you can ship resources to it to help it grow faster.