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"Tribute" Gone for good, the Incandescent Globe. Answered

I would first start with I am completely pro Fluoro even more-so LeD.

Yet I must say I did shed a tear for my friend the Incandescent.
Good times, good times.

Any one else have some humourous/memorable occasions involving the Incandescent?

If you do, you may be interested in my lastest 5 min project involving an Incandesent and a LeD fit-out...

And here comes the Incan 'ible's.... ;)

Goodhart~ care to share your under car fuel drama again? :)


I've broken more than I care to count with my head! (I'm 6'4") I broke 2 CFLs by walking into them in my basement, but the spirals just broke away from the bases, ruining the bulbs but not shattering the glass and letting the mercury out. We only have 6-7 incans left in the house, and they will soon be replaced. I bought replacement CFLs, (They're the decorative Globe bulbs for in the bathroom mirror) but one was defective out of the package! Also, I know they're trying, but does it make any sense to honk on about how environmentally friendly your CFL bulbs are, then package them in either those thick plastic "blister" packs, or in Metal-foil coated cardboard with plastic windows, neither of which can be recycled easily? At least Wal-Mart's store brand bulbs are in a sturdy, thick, but fully recyclable (or reusable) cardboard box.


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I saw a maddening article on the BBC news website about people who are stocking up on incandescents (planned to be phased out at some time soon) because they don't like CFLs. Common complaints are "they take ages to warm up", "I don't like the colour of the light" and "They contain mercury, so in your face, tree-huggers". Erm... modern CFLs turn on almost instantly, have a very similar spectrum to incandescents (over 50% of people randomly tested couldn't tell the difference) and the mercury hardly impacts on your "enjoyment" of them, other than having to dispose of one properly every few years. When I am Supreme Dictator For Life I will make it a crime to be proud of needlessly damaging the environment. And being proud of sucking at maths.

Yeah, but can you use them with dimmers? NO! thats why I support led technology

Yes you can, I have two dimmable CFL's at home and they work great... But you need to buy dimmable CFL's don't use normal ones they will fail.... (( Yes they are a few bucks more I think I payed $8 a bulb )) But Yes LED's bulbs that are affordable would be nice, but all the small ones I have seen are not able to be dimmed and advise against using them in a dimmer controlled fixture.....

$8 as opposed to what? Are there any serious LED bulbs on the market at the moment? (I can't remember where those golfball ones were)
The last I heard LED bulbs still had problems with diffusion, although that might be different now.

Yes, LEDs can be dimmed but I think CFLs can be as well, they just can't in regular dimming fixtures because both have their own integral power supplies. I just have a couple of different wattage bulbs in different fixtures and shades :)


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Here's a source for LED bulbs. Unfortunately, it's Hong Kong...but just look a couple years into the future...

For some reason, all the UK bayonet-fitting LED bulb replacements cost several tens of pounds (several twenties of US$).

An led fitted bayonet??

That makes absolutely no sense.

Why not? I have three bayonet fittings in this room, I would appreciate three bayonet LED bulbs but at the moment have three bayonet CFLs.

You do know bayonet means one of these not one of these?

*sigh* 'twas a joke, based on the latter definition of bayonet...

Hey! Somebody PM the admins - Goodhart has hacked Adrian's account!

There is quite a price differential on that page. The bayonet bulbs look a lot like track light bulbs...

Thanx gmoon now I'm going to be in trouble with the other half, colour changing remote controlled led light. bulbs, who need a dimmable led when it's remote controlled and color changing.......

Hee, hee When I saw the bulb / remote combo, I had three, nearly simultaneous thoughts: --Wow, that's cool --Someone should make an 'ible --I'm gettin' too old for some of this stuff... ;-) And one afterthought--don't we all have too many remotes, as it is?

$8 for a dimmable CFL that can be used with any standard household light dimmer, even the X-10 remote dimmers... I guess it's expensive when you go to say walsmart and you can get a box of 4, 13 watt Non-dimable CFL's for less then $8..... And those golf ball sized one, Home depot $9.99 and they got around the diffusion by using a frosted glass globe, it's like stuffing a wide angle LED in a ping pong ball (( that and they use several LED's ))

There are some powerful floodlights, but nothing cost effective. Diffusion is no longer a problem. Ahh, yes I remember that. Very nice. I personally use 2 13w fluorescents and a 20 or 25w lava lamp. Dimmable cfls exist, but they cost more.

I know they are expensive but that's cheap to what they where when they first came out (( I payed $35 for the first one I got )) And as more and more people use then they should come down to the $4 to $5 mark for a Good Name brand one... They also now have Tri-light multi wattage bulbs to.... They Even Colored, red, green, blue, yellow, and true blacklight CFL's I know You can Dim LED's but the LED bulbs I got (($10 each 3/4 watt made by philip's )) that go in a 120VAC light socket can not be dimmed due to the power supply contained on the bulb.... And there is a warning on the package about using them with a light dimmer....

Hmm, weird. I guess they probably use some sort of voltage regulator instead of the capacitor trick used in stoplights

Actually it is easy to Dim a fluorescent light, the trick is providing a constant current to it's heaters in the ends of tube... a simple SMPS is able to run over a huge input voltage range and give you a constant output.. And then you are free to adjust the voltage and current to your hearts content, but once you go to low the arc fails and you have to turn it up a little bit to get it going again... The same is true if you want to safely flash a fluorescent lamp you need to keep it's heater going all the time and you can flash away and still get years of service from them .... And while running the heater may seem wasteful most light do this all the time they are on, and it's wattage is already figured into the bulbs total wattage...

Whereas I have bought a few high output LED light bars, RGB, just so I can control the exact colour should I feel the need, all open puts out pure white...

They're not all gone...

Perhaps not where your from. ;) Only incan's under 30w are left in my store now. They will be gone soon hopefully soon... The type of globe in the slideshow is no longer available at my shop. So in my little world it has "gone"

It won't be long the walmart by me just put them all on sale and they only have about 15% of the total shelf, the rest is CFL lighting.. And they are being sold to clear off the shelf not just a few cent savings...

And Project Porchlight just came by and gave me a free CFL, YAY I like both of those things, CFL Lights and free........

I have one! Me and my sister were playing around by putting some stuff on a lightbulb (e.g. some ribbon, paper) with no results.(well, once a ribbon burnt onto it). So my sister, still young (playing with dolls) took a baby bottle with some milk in it and dropped some drops onto the lit up lightbulb. It exploded. It was awesome. I never did it again. Also, I will continue to use Incandescent bulbs. Flourescent gives me a headache.

I once put a crayon on a lightbulb! I don't think anyone ever found out but I was afraid I'd get in trouble if the bulb for some reason caught on fire.

My little brother once, when very young, stuck a paperclip in the empty lightbulb socket of a gooseneck lamp-with it turned on. IIRC he got a mild shock...

Yesterday I walked into my stores globe aisle to grab an incandescent globe a customer had insisted on. To my astonishment all but a few incan's remained. Apperantly we are not ordering any more. They get taken off the market in November Australia wide I believe. There will obviously be a few exceptions for specific fittings yet to be up-graded. But for my store , that's it... Gone!!

I had one shoot at me. (must have gotten wet or something)

Then we will forever miss the joys of using a small pinpoint torch flame to carefully distort the globe with a recessed smiley face. Such a great feel-good project, your very own self-customized incandescent lighting source, gone. *sniff*