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Trinitron 4550 monitor blinking green light next to the 'on button? Answered

I left the computer in standby. The monitor went to the steady orange light.  When I turned the computer on again, the screen stayed dark and I get a blinking green light. This has never happened before.  I'm running Windows XP.


A blinking green light may indicate that the monitor is not receiving a video signal. Check that the cable between your computer and the monitor is seated firmly. If you can, try the monitor on another computer, can you test it with another cable (some cables are a little flaky). If you have one available, test your computer with another monitor. I assume you have rebooted your machine, sometimes for some reason the video signal will fail to come out of standby (this could be due to many reasons). Another idea would be to check that your RAM is seated firmly as this can sometimes be used by your computer's video card (so open up your case and simply re-seat the RAM, unlatch the ram at either end, remove and then re-fit and re-latch).

Perhaps the problem just went away with a reboot?

Thanks! All good ideas! Reboot didn't work... sigh. The cable connections were all checked. Changing out the monitor did work., so I guess the problem is in the monitor itself. The 'manual' doesn't mention a green blinking light at all... just the orange light blinking. I was really hoping it might be an industry standard signal... like a car's oil light coming on... with a simple fix - something along the lines of, 'Push button and hold for six seconds.'

Wait if you changed out the monitor? Do you mean you tried the monitor on a different PC or you tried a different monitor on the same PC?

If you tried it on a different PC and your sure its the monitor then it may be a dead monitor. No simple fix like holding in a button is going to fix that. The light may be blinking cause the monitor keeps trying to turn itself on but is shut off again because of a hardware failure. Basically that light is telling you there is a hardware issue. Most likely you won't be able to track it down and fix it but go ahead and give it a try. Its now a dead monitor after all.

Just thought of something. Does the monitor have a VGA and DVI connection? If so which one are you using. I've had a monitor that failed in the past. I was using the VGA connection on it. Then i tried the DVI and it worked just fine. Seems the Analog to digital converter in the monitor had failed. But then in that situation the monitor was displaying No Signal on the screen.

We put a different monitor on the PC,. and it worked. I only see one cord permanently connected to the monitor going to the PC, and the PC connection uses pins - if that tells you anything. There was no message, just a dark screen. Your idea of it trying to turn on and shutting itself off makes a lot of sense. We're definitely 'users' here - without the electronic skills to attempt fixing it. Any suggestions on current monitors of equal resolution and color?

What size is the current one?

Chances are any new one you get of equal or greater size will be better then what you have.