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Trombone Tree/Shrub Sprayer Answered

We have low water pressure and a hose end sprayer doesn't reach very far.  I have been looking at Trombone Tree Sprayers in gardening magazines and though there must be a cheaper alternative.  Surely something could be made out of PVC and o-rings and some tubing.

The sprayer seems to really be some sort of piston pump, kinda like a bicycle pump with a valve that draws water through a hose where the end is placed in a bucket of the liquid you want to spray.  You push the one tube into the other and is sprays about 20-25", kinda the same montion a trombone player uses.

Anyone got plans or an idea on how to make this?

Thanks in advance


Or find yourself a pressure-washer.
The tricky-bit is the valves.



That's basically the design I came up with, it's more the implementation and parts. I've found some larger check valves online for about $4 and pvc isn't a problem. Close fitting tubes might be. I have a pressure washer and can get a second. Mine is one of those small electric ones and there's no place to feed soap or other liquids through it. The Second is a gas powered 3000psi model with a soap dispenser but the unit is designed to dispense only at low pressure which only reaches about 12 feet.. I wonder about a siphon tube arrangement to hook into the water supply hose. I'm told the pressure washers don't dispense soap at high pressure due to foaming? I really like your design. Not sure if you meant it but this looks like a floor pump. I was thinking something held in my hands and pointed but this drawing makes me think I could have a large tube and by pumping like a bicycle pump I could get great force and pressure. The wife could hold the hose and spray. While I hunt for the right materials I spent $18 and bought a water cannon meant for play. If it works I just might abandon this idea but it's the principle right? Endeavor! Danneauxs

You could make the valves with rubber-discs an drilling holes in things. I've not yet found a good diagram though...


In the drawing, wouldn't each of the two valves have to be faced in the "same" direction, in order for one to open on suction, and the other close, and the reverse happen on pressing on the plunder (causing pressure)?

Well yes, I didn't go into valve design there.



Oh ok, sorry for picking at something that wasn't "shown". Sometimes I get too involved with details and miss the original message.

Fair comment really I ought to have shown the things in detail.


Yeah, you're right it is a giant super soaker but with much higher flow rate. I found some large check valves on ebay (3/8” One Way Check Valve Set - HHO Generator Water4Gas) so they should work for the valves. The real trick is the pump part. I was thinking if I could find two tubes, one slightly smaller I could score the inner tube to hold an O-ring. Cap the inner tube and you have a pump. Looking for ideas on tubing that fits that closely or some way to make the seal between two looser fitting tubes. Maybe just a round circle of thick plastic even wood to cap/plug the inner tube which could probably just be a dowel instead of a tube, then o-ring the cap/plug. Hmmm, NachoMahma your comment was just the ting to get me thinking. Thanks Danneauxs

scrounge garage sales, plenty of beat up supersoakers and parents willing to give them away when the kids upgrade.

I'll give that a try, maybe the large ones will have the volume output I need and the distance. Need at least 25-30 feet for the tops of the trees. Actually, I was thinking that that I wouldn't even need check valves. Just a large piston arrangement and I could suck the liquid into the piston from the bucket then point it up and spray. If the liquid runs out removing it from the bucket a cheap ball valve could be put on the end of the nozzle to turn it off for removal then turned back on for spraying. Thanks for the advice.

. Looks a lot like a Super Soaker™ to me