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Trying to identify this item? Answered

Obviously I am new here if I posted in the wrong place please tell me where to post.

   Is this a Farm implement, tool, heater. It is about 25" tall, with a 10" diameter. There is a closed bottom why it is raised off the ground i don't know. Rust area is from prior heat damage to the galvanized metal. It is too early to be a charcoal brick starter. I know it is not a chicken feeder. All answers will be appreciated.



It is actually a type of coal stove. Lower end as compared to some of the old cast iron ones. Here is an example: http://www.antiqueswarehouse.be/inventory/furniture/cast-iron-coal-storve

Took a look neat find, BUT no cigar ... this item has no vent on top like your cast iron stove and has no ash removal drawer


2 years ago

It is a dispenser for hot coals from fireplace to fireplace.

The raised off-ground feature prevents burning the home wood floor while filling it.

The cap keeps the heat from harming the maiden's hand, while lighting the morning fireplaces.

In the old days we used similar looking devices for two things:
A) Mainly as a portable heater, like these days the gas fired potio heaters from the hardware store.
Some people also favoured them for the sauna:
Add wood and lite up, add the rocks and let burn down.
Since the rocks are bigger than the exit you could tip the ashes out one way and the rocks the other right into the sauna.
B) Indeed as a fire starter,
I knew at least one farmer who these buckets in a smaller form to start the fires burning down the old crop fields.
Although he claimed that he just liked to fill the rabbit holes on the way with the hot coals - so who knows he real intentions LOL