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Turn a thunderbird into an electric? Answered

Hey any ideas? It's a '96 with a v8 engine. Frankly, I'll be more impressed with an electric motor. I know it's not the ideal car to do this with, but I want to give it a try anyway.



10 years ago

I used to suggest people read some accounts of conversions, but I think this guy's youtube videos are one of the best reports I've seen online. He documents the entire process, from buying a rusty 80s mitsubishi with a seized engine, through installing the motor, batteries and electrics, to getting the electric car registered and what living with it is like.

A number of the videos are just "blogging" about progress and fixing up the car's appearance (fixing rust, cleaning the seats etc) so you can skip those- the most important ones are probably 9, 10, 12 and 14, but I suggest watching all of them to get a real idea of how the build went. It demonstrates what a typical EV build involves: removing the engine, getting an adapter from the motor to the transmission, adding batteries and wiring the control electronics to the car's controls.

After watching those, if you are sure you want to do the conversion, DIY electric car forums are probably the best place to ask about specifics.

oh will do........if you happen to have any neat ideas let me know....

I'm interested in doing the same for my '89 volvo. I heard one conversion expert say he'd at the very least hook up an off the shelf electric motor to the drive shaft and put 12 12volt car batteries in series to power it. I think the idea was to bypass the transmission so this thing would operate more like a golf cart. I'm only interested in local driving so it might work but I honestly have no clue. Please send me info as you learn more.

Cool! I'm oing to do a 86 honda CRX. Keep me informed