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Tutorial/ible on making soybean crayons? Answered

Looking to make soybean crayons or other eco friendly non toxic crayons. Can't seem to find anything here or on google. Any links/tutorials/etc. would be greatly appreciated.

I am not looking to make the crayon rocks, as one of my children is young enough that they would be a choking hazard.


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Jack A Lopez (author)2009-12-21

I think Lithium Rain pretty much nailed the link for the recipe. 

Regarding where to find hydrogenated soybean oil, (partially hydrogenated, fully, or otherwise) I found this:

Not sure what the story is with hardness.  Intuitively, I'd expect more hydrogenation makes for a harder wax, with a higher melting point.

Here's a MSDS from the same site, for a partially hydrogenated soy wax with a melting point of 120-125 F :

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AngryRedhead (author)2009-12-20
You might have a hard time finding soybean parrafin.  The other alternative would be to use beeswax.

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