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Tweezers? What the world is THIS thing? Answered

Ok, I acquired a small interesting device that kind of bothers me as to what the world it is.

I have been to the Kandykastle site to see what they carry (the only words on the device save for the batter number and voltage,  and "Made in Japan").

It acts like a pair of tweezers, but the end the touches is rounded (see pictures) and when closed the "button" midway down the handles turn on a RED LED which illuminates the one side of the hollowed out "pincer" portion.

I am ASSUMING it has something to do with candy (the name makes that seem pretty obvious......does anyone know off hand?


LOL, LR's right - they're tweezers for gummy worms. You can find them for sale here or here, and on Facebook here.

It is probably so you can see whatever your have like a spinter or sliver and remove it.

Sadly, the tweezers are not really very "precise" and are indeed plastic...as is stated below, it was for lighting up a translucent candy....

If you go to some of the links others have provided here, you'll see that they "light up" gummy type "glow worms" (or lightening bugs), that you pick up in the concave portion of the tweezers.....

hmmmmm how can I hack it?????? ;0)

I am thinking of ways to do that now, it is put together with tiny little metal screws fortunately :-) CTS has a good idea without the need of taking it apart

Interesting. I wonder if one company ripped the other off, because mine looks somewhat different (but is still green with a red led and works the same way).

Does yours blink? One LED or two? I have only one on the one side....

Ok, the ad that Kelsey posted mentions blinking....

oooo fireflies....but mine doesn't blink ! :-(

Yeah, I actually found a different link just a bit ago before coming here...


7 years ago

A hallowe'en tool for the paranoid? You put your sweet in the pincers and the red light will show you if there are any razor blades embedded in it (pretty sure that's an urban legend and that never actually happened, but then there are anti-fan-death timers on fans sold in S. Korea).

Other things/drugs HAVE been found in candy and apples etc. though...even if no razor blades, no one wants to chomp down on a needle nor amphetamines.

I have this exact thing in my shop (slightly different model), never have figured out anything especially cool to do with it though. IIRC, it came in a kiddie toy package along with some clear gummi worms...you are supposed to pick them up with the tweezers, and the light shines through them and they look radioactive or something.

Just a toy, but does it make a functional fuse puller?

Good Idea, it is pretty sturdy, and would light up the fuse before you pulled it so you could see inside of it (if you don't mind red).