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Twitter LED table Answered

Macetech has modified this IKEA table with a 9x9 array of RGB LEDs that are controlled by twitter. Anyone can start changing the colors by sending a tweet.

Want to try it? Here's an example tweet:

#ledtable 0,3,red; 1,2,green; 4,4,#FD2245;

#ledtable - lets the table get the message.
- X and Y are coordinates from 0 to 8 and the color is what color you want it to be. You can use a name or a hex code

Be sure to end each color with a semicolon. Try it out and see the results in the stream below.

For more information, check out the link.

Twitter table via Make

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Very nice 


8 years ago

That  is  sooooooooooooooo  cool 


8 years ago

Cool to see my project here...glad you guys like it. Remember to click on the link "fungus amungus" provided to get all the build details.

It's sweet. I've been thinking about a Twitter-controlled LED project for a little while now that is unlikely to fully happen unless a large chunk of time opens up.

how do you control it through Twitter?

Great project fungus!  I've wanted to make an led table for a long time - what was your poison for updating it?

How much did this cost you?

re dir

8 years ago


Cool idea !