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UPS Battery Answered

Hi Guys,

My first time to post a question here. I had purchase a UPS from a store. The UPS have 2 6 volts battery inside of it, the seller said that 1 of those battery isn't working anymore.

My question is this, how do I replace or is it possible to replace it with 1 12 volts battery instead of having 2 6 volts battery to fit there. What will be the layout of the wirings if I have to do it on 1 12 volts battery.
I tried making search of the actual item on the net but couldn't find it. Here's the pictures and the information of the UPS

VOLTAGE: 220V / 60Hz


I guess you would have to look at how the battery comparment is wired up. Are the batteries in parallel or series. You may have to jump the contacts if replacing with one cell. The next thing to consider is UPS do a trickle charge on the batteries. You have to determine if the circuitry is designed for the 12 volt cell on what it needs to charge, also are all the sensing parameters designed for two smaller cells? Someone with better knowledge of electronics would be able to tell. Have you contacted the manufacturor or vendor to see what they say about cell replacement? Good luck.