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URRRGH!!!!! People make accounts, then do nothing! Answered

I find it very annoying seeing people from 2006 who have done nothing but post one or two comments! Ibles should create a way like if youur inavtive for 2 months, you get a warning e-mail, then boom! good-bye, or they change your username to something like dead_account 1 dead_account 2 dead_account 3 Etc. Etc. Authors of ibles, please reply as to WHY you have not done this, thank you Bartboy ( I would be Bartman, but SOMEBODY took that, and they are one of the people I am talking about! )


simple reason- some people who join do so because they just want to view all steps, or to rate ibles. some "inactive" people may just talk to other users, but with the PM system. and for your suggestion- say you were an important user, but for some reason, you had to go on a vacation without access to a computer. how would you feel when you came back, and your account was deleted?

there could be vacation mode that is only activated when you ask staff

not deleted, you get your username changed. Also, youtube does the same thing, but based on inactivity and grammer.

well, i wouldnt like it if i came back and i found out my username was changed!

that would be weird cuz u couldnt log in till u checked ur email and found out u had a new username

well they may be on a very long trip or leave the site and decide to join it again >.<

Is there a captcha when you register?