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US Distributor of HB Electronic's LEDs - www.Buy-LEDs-Online.com Answered

I just completed an order for a couple hundred LEDs and batteries that Instructables will be using at SXSW next week to make LED Floaties at PopSci's SXSW afterparty.

I ordered them from Buy-LEDs-Online, a US distributor for the well written about HB Electronics. HB Electronics is the recommended vendor of LEDs for LED Throwies and LED Floaties. They ship direct from China, but unfortunately they were out of stock on their throwie packs.

Buy-LEDs-Online helped me out by providing everything we needed with great phone and email support and super fast shipping.

Robert from Buy-LEDs-Online was not only very helpful, but said that he knew of Instructables and that he uses the site to determine what products he should carry.

So, if you're looking for LEDs for your next project, I highly recommend getting them from Buy-LEDs-Online.

This is not an advertisement and my opinions are unsolicited. These are the words of [www.instructables.com/member/noahw noahw], LED purchaser, Instructables Content Producer, and debutante extraordinair.


I would not use this company ever again. Their 'F' rating from the Better Business Bureau should be reason enough not to use them, but here's my story in case you're not convinced:

I placed an initial order of 30 LEDs with them to play around with lighting ideas for my wedding. They shipped the next day. No problems.

THEN, I placed an order for 130 LEDs after I knew what I wanted to do for the wedding lighting. I needed them within 2 weeks, which was plenty of time. They did not ship them for 3 weeks! They gave no notice or warning. I called and emailed repeatedly once the deadline got near, and they never responded. I ended up having to scrounge them from other vendors at the last second. Since then, I have called and emailed repeatedly for a refund, and again, no response, even though their website says that they'll respond to all emails within 1 business day.

I don't think I'll ever get my money back. If you look at their fine print, they will not issue any refunds whatsoever unless it was an error in their order filling.

I had bad experiences with these guys. I'm sure they get it right sometimes but they did not ship my order for a very long time and do not respond to calls or e-mails.


10 years ago

It's good to help out our economy (or whatever) and stay in the US. But this guy has a lot cheaper prices. 100 LEDs for 2 bucks + 5 bucks shipping (Hong Kong)

I like this guy, combined shipping real nice, cheap from either auction or store. Everything labeled and shipped sealed in anti-static bags, no I don't know why but it looks professional. Also, you'll notice from his listing template he sells, or sold, LED displays for vehicles. All LEDs come with free resistors for 12V use. Free! (What I'm going to do with 460 1/4W 510 ohm resistors from my first and only order so far, well...)

Unfortunately I have found www.buy-leds-online.com to be COMPLETELY unreliable to the point they will not ship your order and not even tell you about it. They will be understocked and not tell you before you place the order, they will claim they are waiting on shipment from China for months, etc. DO NOT use these guys unless you are prepared for the possibility of your order not coming for a LONG time.

Nice, I will definitely look in to them!


10 years ago

Ahh. nice; they seem to have a wide variety of LED types not found at most of the "bargain basement of hong kong" eBay stores. In particular, the high-brightness diffused type LEDs used in throwies...

Cool! I have got LEDs from HB before but did not know they had a us dealer. I just got some more LEDs from Phenoptix using the prize money from the LED contest. Thanks for link.

I need to bookmark this....thanks