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USA : Real recession or exaggeration ? Answered

Because the world's economy is highly tied to the USA's economy, we're currently very worried about the current smoldering economical crisis in USA. While some specialists say this crisis will be solved quickly, some others are already talking about recession with negative repercussions over the rest of the world ... The simple devaluation of the US dollar already has various negative effects on the EU economy. So what would happen to the whole world if the economy of USA was in recession ? I'd be curious to read your ideas, sentiments and opinions about this crisis. Is this a real crisis ? Is talking about recession exaggerated ?



Thank you George.

There's one hell of a big difference between a collapse and a recession.

Yes you are right. Unlike what I thought because of my limited vocabulary, they are not synonym =o) I'm going to change that.

Though, an economical recession in USA could (according to what say some American specialists interviewed this morning here) lead to the collapse of the economy of some other countries in the world, like China for instance.

I'll just add that I really don't know, I took economics, all I learned was that my ancient professor hated cows and ted kennedy seriously, that's all I learned. But, between the deficit and the fact that the economy is only propped up through consumer credit, and let's not forget the retiring baby boomers..... I see hard times ahead for the middle class.