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USB Hub Spider Answered

Here's a variation on my USB Hub Monster that I'm working on. I've added a couple of legs that have alligator clips on it to get to the full eight legs for true spidery creepiness. The legs are nearly done, but the body is practically untouched. Expect to see some glowing red eyes when it's done. There's another USB creature I'm working on right now as well, but it's a little shy.


You should connect the alligator clips to the power supply so the "spider" can hold smaller "creatures" and power them simultaneously. A couple of "creature" ideas: Bug-Eyed LED Reading light, Horsefly Fan, etc.

Are you still taking lots of pain meds? Why the repeat post?

This has been happening all day. I make a post and go to send it and the page freezes up. I then stop the process, reload the page and my post is missing so I post again. Then hours later, my original post appears! Wow!

Wow! That post only took 13 hours to process though! lol

Hehe... It happened again. Lets see how long it takes before my previous post appears...

Okay... It didn't happen again. Some of my posts yesterday got stuck in transmission. I had to abort and re-enter the post. This one apparently did finely get through after a couple hours.

Oh yeah, I've gotten the spinning wheel of doom a couple of times. I've left multiple comments here and on other sites before.

Great work! You should connect the alligator clips to the power supply so that it would power any smaller "creatures" it might hold. Suggested "creatures" include: Bug-Eyed Reading Light, Dragon Fly Fan, etc. Vegas

run current through the clips? Hmm... Or maybe I can run power through a cable and have various attachments be able to connect to it.

Well, for devices that need nothing more than current, the clips would be enough. Of course, you'd want to watch polarity and avoid clipping them together, but it could be fun with the "creatures" mentioned above.