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USB Keyboard with touchpad from old laptop Answered


I think you got the idea from the title. I have an old Dell Lattitude D531 laptop which has a bad graphics board. I'd like to know if there is a way to create an autonomous keyboard with touchpad from the old laptop and connect to my new laptop which I use on a stand. While you're at it, why not create a computer monitor from the LCD screen in the old laptop too?




The touchpad usually has a usable interface to the outside world, if its a synaptics one. Keyboards rarely do USB straight off their connector tails though

Not going to work. The additional hardware that both the keyboard and LCD need to run are integrated into the laptop's main board. You would have no way of isolating those circuits and integrating them with the items as stand alone units. There are ways to get the screen to be a regular monitor. But its cheaper to just buy a new monitor.

If you still want to have a keyboard with a track pad on it for your other laptop you can buy them.


Oh man, really? So what the heck can I do with the bloody thing? Thanks for the reply, anyway.

Recycle it, throw it into the trash, use it as a large paper weight, or set fire to it.

That's not a very useful comment, is it? Plus your 4th option is awfully polluting. And you forgot to propose using it as a stand for reading books.