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USB wireless communication without a usb hub being used! Answered

is it possible to make a device which wirelessly connects my dslr camera to my laptop? without having an external power source? (ie not using a wireless usb hub) connection to camera is A/V out Digital (rhombus shape, but the two side edges have an indent.) and then the other connection is to a laptop. Connection needs to be wireless between the two and cant use an external power source. Let me know. Cheers Julian


Not via USB.

Websearch "Eye-Fi" for the best current solution along those lines. Be aware that, as others have pointed out, running the transmitter (and the processor which manages it) in addition to the memory does burn more power.

Short answer: no, your camer is not a host and will not supply sufficient power.
Long answer you could build one but it would be likely cheaper and easier to either buy a wireless enabled camera or a wireless sd card (if your camera will take of them)


The plug the author is describing is mini-usb. It's just plan'ol usb and there are no standards to convert it to 'wireless' quickly, easily, or cheaply. It HAS been done in the past, but its a SLOW, ugly hack.